Frequently Asked Questions

How can membership in OΔK benefit me?
Through membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, you gain potential friendships with over 300,000 women and men whose peers recognize them as scholars and leaders; recognition by those around you who have been selected as the very top men and women at your college or university; recognition by leaders throughout the world; and the opportunity to continue lifetime service to your college with fellow OΔK members and alumni.

How much does it cost to become a member?
The fee for lifetime membership into Omicron Delta Kappa is $70. The fee at your Circle may be higher, as some Circles include additional fees to cover the cost of programs and events hosted by the Circle. For more information, contact the Faculty Secretary at the Circle to which you are applying.

How do I become a member?
Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is as much an obligation and responsibility in leadership as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor.  Membership is awarded to undergraduate junior and senior students; to graduate students; to faculty, staff, administration and alumni; and to persons qualifying for membership “honoris causa.”

Student membership candidates must rank in the upper 35 percent in scholarship of their school or college and must show leadership in at least one of five phases of campus life:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Athletics
  3. Campus or Community Service, Social and Religious Activities and Campus Government;
  4. Journalism, Speech, and the mass media
  5. Creative and Performing Arts

An individual achieving distinction in his or her profession or rendering outstanding service through leadership may be elected to honorary membership (honoris causa).

Contact the O
ΔK Circle at your college or university to learn how individuals are chosen to become members.

Does OΔK give awards?
Awards are given on local and National levels. Nationally, awards are given for meritorious service, distinguished service and student leadership.

Does OΔK hold conventions?
Since 1925, Omicron Delta Kappa has held national conventions every two years except during World War II. On January 10, 1920, The Johns Hopkins University Circle hosted OΔK's first national convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

How can my college form an OΔK Circle?
OΔK is interested in establishing Circles that will be mutually advantageous to the institutions and to the Society. Circle charters are granted by the Board of Directors. Applications for charters are considered only from local honor societies or groups which represent four-year degree-granting institutions.

The National Vice President may be contacted via email at or through the National Headquarters.

Can I be involved in O
ΔK after I graduate from college? 

Omicron Delta Kappa encourages alumni participation in local and national activities. Participation can occur in a variety of ways:

  • "Plant the seed” to begin a new Circle.
  • Become active in the nearest local Circle.
  • Serve on national committees.
  • Give financial support to the local and national organization.

What activities does OΔK sponsor?

  • Forums on campus, community and national issues.
  • Leadership workshops for students and faculty.
  • Honor's Day events.
  • Awards and recognition of student/faculty leadership.
  • Leadership workshops and career days for high school students.
  • Fund raising projects for charity.
  • Cooperative projects with alumni associations and with other honor societies.

A resource list of the activities sponsored by OΔK Circles around the country is available through the local Circle or National Headquarters.

How is the Society organized?
The basic unit of Omicron Delta Kappa is the collegiate Circle. The National organization consists of all active Circles and alumni clubs of the Society.

ΔK's Board of Directors consists of a National President, National Vice President, National Student Vice President, National Treasurer, Executive Director, Immediate Past National President, three Members at Large, two Student Members at Large, and the Chair of the National Advisory Council.



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