Circle Officer Responsibilities

Faculty Secretary
The duties of the Faculty Secretary include maintaining files of Circle minutes, membership and other records and supplies. It is the specific duty of the Faculty Secretary to prepare reports certifying new members to the National O
ΔK Executive Director. The Faculty Secretary is expected to submit certified membership forms for each new member with the appropriate fees to the National OΔK Headquarters at least 14 days in advance of each initiation ceremony. Each membership form must contain a record of the candidates' major activities and must be signed by the Faculty Secretary or, in his/her absence, by the Faculty Advisor of the Circle. Any Circle whose membership selection indicates evidence of lowered standards (when reviewed by the Executive Director) will be investigated and may be required to make satisfactory improvement(s). It is also a specified duty of the Faculty Secretary (National By-Laws, Article IX, Section 3) to prepare and submit the Circle Annual Report.  This report must be submitted to National Headquarters no later than May 30 each year and it should contain the name and address information for the Circle officers for the coming year.  Faculty Secretaries are also expected to enable the Circle to meet its obligation of payment of the Circle Affiliation Fee ($100.00) which is invoiced to the Circle each year and is due in early December.  Circles should make every effort to send at least one delegate to each National Convention. Note that the some portion of travel expenses and/or the convention registration fee for that delegate may be covered by the national organization for Circles who pay their Circle Affiliation Fee.  Faculty Secretaries are also asked to submit occasional news items about their Circle to the National Headquarters for publication in The Circle.

Faculty Advisor
The Faculty Advisor of the Circle should generally act as a facilitator in whatever area deemed necessary by the local Circle, such as service projects, leadership seminars, and general campus activities. The Advisor should assist the Faculty Secretary in every way possible and also serve in his/her absence when necessary. In the selection of new members, especially in regard to faculty, faculty emeriti, alumni and honoris causa, the Advisor should assist in soliciting input from the various administrative offices, and current faculty/staff and student members of the Circle. The Advisor should assist with the general communication between the faculty and student members of the Circle. The Advisor should also work to enhance the awareness of O
ΔK both within the student body and the general faculty for the benefit of the Circle and the institution.

Student President
The importance of the Student President’s role in the maintenance of a healthy, vital Circle cannot be too strongly emphasized. The Student President should work with the Faculty Secretary, Faculty Advisor, and the student membership of the Circle to see that a year-long schedule assures the selection and reporting of new memberships from all classes - juniors, seniors, graduate students, if applicable, as well as faculty/staff, alumni and honorary members. The Student President should assist in the establishment of an orientation of the new members to the nature and purpose of O
ΔK as well as the obligations of membership. The Student President should also lead the development of a program of activities appropriate for the campus. He/she should work to assure that the Circle has representation at the Regional Conference and the National Convention and is expected to lead the Circle in meeting its obligation to pay the annual Circle Affiliation Fee ($100) to OΔK National Headquarters.

ΔK strongly urges Circles to avoid having one faculty or staff person serve as Faculty Secretary and Faculty Advisor concurrently.  Both these positions have a distinct and critical role in the success of a Circle, and any attempt to combine the roles will inevitably dilute their significance and effectiveness.  Both Faculty Secretary and Faculty Advisor must be members of  OΔK .




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