Frequently Asked Questions From Officers

How do I access membership applications submitted online?
Circle Officers can login to an Officer section of our website. To login, you can either go directly to or you can click on the small key icon at the bottom of every page of our website. Your login information is your email address and your password. You can download login instructions for more help.

* If you do not know your password - you can try to use the "Forgot your Password?" link. This link will allow you to submit your email address and a link will be sent to your email allowing you to change your password. However, many Officers have notified us that they do not receive this email (we think some University/College servers block the message as SPAM. If you have this problem - please send an email to Shannon ( that includes your preferred password.

To learn more about the Officer section of our website please review the Online Guide (download).

For other questions about the new website:
If you have questions about the website, please call the national office 1-877-ODK-NHDQ (1-877-635-6437).

When I reject or accept an online membership application is the applicant notified?
No, the applicant does not receive a notification as a result of you rejecting or accepting an applicant. Your Circle may decide to notify members of the acceptance in many ways (tapping ceremony, email, formal letter, etc.)

How many individuals can we initiate?

A Circle may initiate up to 3% of the school’s student population. For schools with a population of less than 800, you may initiate up to 5%. Circles may also initiate graduate students, as long as the number of graduate students does not exceed 50% of the total number of student initiates. Faculty and Staff members of a school may also be initiated, as well as Alumni, and Honoris Causa members. For more information about initiation guidelines, please refer to the Officer Handbook.

Where can I find honor cords/stoles and other merchandise for our Circle?

All merchandise can be found at Graduation honor cords and stoles can now be found at



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