Benefits of Membership


As a member of Omicron Delta Kappa you can take advantage of many national, regional and local opportunities offered by the Society. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to, leadership conferences, recognition awards, Circle grants, individual scholarships and networking opportunities. Being a member of OΔK is more than just another activity listed on your resume or vitae, but a commitment to leadership throughout your campus and community.


Activities and Programs

The National Leadership Summit and Convention, held once every two years, provides the opportunity for growth and learning at the National level, while also offering strategic leadership workshops and networking sessions. Drive-In Meetings, held in the alternate years, offer similar growth and learning opportunities through the collaboration of institutions within a specific geographic region. Activities on the local level are at the discretion of each Circle but often include sponsoring leadership forums and workshops, hosting campus and community-wide lectures and participation in philanthropic, service projects.


Membership in OΔK conveys recognition of the very top men and women at an institution who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and scholarship. Outstanding alumni, faculty and staff may also be honored as OΔK members, in addition to local, regional and national leaders that may be selected for Honoris Causa membership to an OΔK Circle.


Numerous national leadership and service awards are given each year to student and faculty/staff members, as well as Circle recognition honors. Many Circles will offer their own local awards such as a “Sophomore of the Year” or a “Faculty Member of the Year” award. Several National Awards are given annually and during National Convention years' to recognize members of the Society that have been gracious to O∆K at the national and local level.  

Maurice A. Clay Leadership Development Initiative
Circles have the opportunity to receive a grant of up to $500 to establish a specific program or event to enhance leadership development within its respective campus and/or community. The Omicron Delta Kappa Foundation awards 12 grants each academic year to deserving Circles. Applications are due November 1st of each academic year. 

Each year the OΔK Foundation awards twenty scholarships to qualifying student members who intend to continue his or her education at the graduate level. Applications are due March 1st of each academic year. The General Russell E. Dougherty, National Leader of the Year Award also includes a $4,000 scholarship for graduate studies, as well as four $1,000 scholarships granted to the other four finalist. In order to apply a student must be nominated by their local Circle and complete the application by March 15th of each academic year. 

Through membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, students, alumni and faculty/staff members gain potential friendships with almost 300,000 men and women whose peers recognize them as both scholars and leaders. Members can connect on our Facebook Page (Omicron Delta Kappa), Twitter Profile (@ODK1914), and LinkedIn group (Omicron Delta Kappa).

The OΔK Idea
In addition to recognizing five major phases of campus life (scholarship; athletics; campus/community service, social, religious activities, & campus government; journalism, speech & the mass media; creative and performing arts), a key feature of OΔK is the active participation of faculty and staff members. This platform allows a unique membership that brings together members of the faculty and staff of the institution, as well as other O∆K members, on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. 


Value and Service
The lifetime membership fee includes a membership certificate and pin, as well as a lifetime digital  subscription to official magazine of O∆K, The Circle. Continued service to one’s institution and to the National Society can be achieved by serving on the National Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Trustees, the National Advisory Council (NAC) or on a National Committee. These are all great ways to stay connected and give back to the Society after graduation.



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