Frequently Asked Questions About Chartering Process

Who can form a new OΔK Circle?
A group of at least four faculty/staff members and at least ten eligible students from an accredited, public or private four-year college or university may apply. 

Who are eligible students?

Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes leadership in five phases of college life:

1.    Scholarship
2.    Athletics
3.    Campus or community service, including student government
4.    Journalism and the mass media
5.    Creative and performing arts

To be eligible for membership, students must be in the top 35% of their class academically, have attained junior status or higher, and must have demonstrated leadership in one or more of the five phases.  Other categories of membership include faculty/staff, alumni (for those who have been graduated for at least five years) and honoris causa (honorary).

What are the steps involved in the chartering process?

You can find a complete list of chartering requirements here.

How long does the process take?

Typically, it can be completed over the course of an academic year, although a number of factors may impact timing. 

How much does it cost?
A chartering/installation fee of $750 must be paid, as well as one-half of the travel costs for the installing officer to travel to campus for the ceremony.  In addition, every new member of O
ΔK pays a lifetime membership fee of $70.

How do we get started?
Send an email to
OΔK National Vice President Michelle Burke or call OΔK National Headquarters toll free at 1-877-ODK-NHDQ (1-877-635-6437).



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