Circle Recognition

Circle of Distinction

This award honors circles that have done the following:

  • Completed annual report by May 30;
  • Submitted affiliation fee by December 3; and
  • Provided membership processing documents to headquarters at least 14 days prior to initiation.

Superior Circle

This award honors circles that have done the following:

  • Fulfilled all the requirements to be recognized as a Circle of Distinction;
  • Sent delegates to the National Leadership Summit and Convention during an even-numbered year or sent delegates to a drive-in workshop during an odd-numbered year; and,
  • Fulfilled at least two of the following requirements:
    • Selected a circle Leader of the Year
    • Submitted an application for the Maurice A. Clay Leadership Initiative Grant
    • Submitted a nomination for a national award
    • Participated in National Day of Service

Presidential Award of Excellence

This award honors circles that have:

  • Circle of Distinction for five consecutive years; or,
  • Superior Circle for three consecutive years; or,
  • Been recognized with some combination of both (Circle of Distinction or Superior Circle) every year for five consecutive years.