Recognize Student Leaders

To participate in OΔK’s National Leader of the Year Award competition, OΔK circles must select their own Leader of the Year Award recipient to put forth as a national nominee.  Following circle selection, students should complete the Leader of the Year Award application.


Remember that the deadline for OΔK’s national competition is March 31 of each year. This means that your circle should confer a Leader of the Year Award with enough time for the recipient to put together a national application. In most cases, this will mean that your circle should select its Leader of the Year prior to the winter holidays or as soon as students return for the spring term.

Establish a Committee

We recommend that you establish a committee of faculty and staff members associated with your circle who can adequately review your circle’s members and bring between three and five nominees to the circle membership for a vote. Remember that the recipient should demonstrate strength in at least one of the five phases of campus life:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus or community service, including student government, religious activities
  • Journalism, speech, and the mass media
  • Creative and performing arts

Confer the Award

Find a meaningful way to bestow the award. A circle meeting, reception or campus-wide awards event may be the proper venue. Once the award has been conferred, provide the recipient with all the necessary info to apply for the National Leader of the Year Award. They should work in close coordination with the faculty advisor or circle coordinator for your circle.

Publicize the Award

Remember that honoring an individual with a meaningful award can be a great way to promote the activities of your circle. Don’t be afraid to share the good news with the community.