Circle Coordinator

Circle coordinators should be current faculty or staff members at your college or university. They should already be a member of OΔK or be willing to initiate upon accepting the role. To maintain continuity, most people will serve in this role for at least two or three one-year terms.

The circle coordinator:

  • maintains files including circle minutes, membership records, and other documents;
  • maintains contact with alumni members of the circle;
  • prepares reports for submission to OΔK National Headquarters, including the circle’s annual report;
  • ensures that all new members meet the Society’s high standards, submitting certified membership forms on each new member to OΔK National Headquarters 14 days in advance of the circle’s induction ceremony;
  • pays the circle’s affiliation fee of $100 to OΔK National Headquarters by December 3rd each year; and
  • submits campus news for publication in the Society’s magazine, The Circle.