Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor:

  • Attends as many meetings as possible
  • Facilitates the circle’s service projects, leadership seminars, and campus activities.
  • Completes the responsibilities of the circle coordinator in his or her absence
  • Solicits input from the campus community when selecting new members
  • Helps negotiate tapping procedures with the university
  • Helps orient new members
  • Facilitates communication between faculty and student members
  • Encourages the membership to elect at least some juniors to the board, guaranteeing some continuity between classes
  • Facilitates officer transitions
  • Is a resource on OΔK’s national policies and procedures
  • Helps the circle find funding sources on campus
  • Ensures that OΔK is appropriately registered as a student organization on campus
  • Enhances awareness of OΔK on campus