Student President

As student president, your responsibilities include:

  • Establish a regular circle meeting schedule as well as officer meetings
  • Work with circle coordinator and faculty advisor to set the circle’s calendar for the year ensuring that membership selection, reporting, and initiation happen in a timely manner
  • Facilitate goal setting
  • Encourage, support and motivate circle
  • Update college or university administrators on the circle’s activities
  • Is familiar with national bylaws as well as the circle’s bylaws and policies
  • Work with circle coordinator  and faculty advisor to ensure minimum circle standards are being met
  • Host an orientation for new members, explaining OΔK’s history and purpose and their obligations as members
  • Preside over induction ceremony
  • Help maintain circle documents
  • Determine appropriate programming for the campus
  • Ensure circle is represented at national convention and regional drive-in workshops
  • Encourage members to remain in contact with OΔK after graduation

As a student president, you have a number of resources to guarantee that your officer term is successful. We recommend you:

  • Meet with your circle’s outgoing president
  • Attend national conventions or drive-in workshops
  • Talk with your circle’s advisors
  • Meet with other incoming officers
  • Contact the national headquarters if you have questions
  • Crowd source among your circle’s members
  • Reach out to other campus organizations for support