Morningside College

About the Circle

Morningside College is located in Sioux City, IA and enrolls 1200+ students per year. This circle holds meetings twice a month on Sunday evenings. Each program has a separate Vice President who coordinates the event/function with a team of members. New members are initiated in the spring though some are also initiated in a smaller ceremony in the fall.


Morningside’s largest program is Into the Streets where more than 75% of the campus goes into he community to help schools, businesses, and non-profits. Our circle also hosts a Dean’s List reception, Faculty Dinner, and the annual Honors Convocation where students, faculty, and staff are recognized for their leadership across campus.

Honors and Awards

2017 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2016 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2016 National Leader of the Year

2015 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2015 National Leader of the Year

2014 Superior Circle

2014 National Leader of the Year





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