In Honor of and In Memory of

The Omicron Delta Kappa Foundation proudly supports the programs and activities of OΔK. Through your support, OΔK reaffirms its mission of recognizing and developing campus leaders of today as they prepare to become the community leaders of tomorrow.

Gifts listed below were made between July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015

IN HONOR OF:                                                                                      

Auburn University                                               

James F. Vickrey in honor of Ms. Katherine Cater

Kendall A. Waddey in honor of Dr. Dale Coleman

Baylor University                                                 

William D. Hicks in honor of Glenn Hilburn

Bridgewater College                                             

James H. Benson in honor of Dr. Phillip C. Stone

Centenary College of Louisiana                            

William J. Watkins in honor of Lt. Col. Jerry Orr

Coastal Carolina University                                  

Robert W. Squatriglia in honor of Morgan Squatriglia McDonald

Charmaine B. Tomczyk in honor of Robert Squatriglia

Columbia College                                                 

Dorothy T. Cantrell in honor of Cheryl Hogle and in memory Eldridge Roark

Converse College                                                  

Susan P. Johnson in honor of Converse College

Davidson College                                                  

Howard B. Arbuckle in honor of William Latture

Delta State University                                           

  1. K. Fulcher in honor of Tuddy and Josephine Fulcher

Dickinson College                                                

Charles M. Reighart in honor of Andrew Reighart

Duquesne University                                            

Bruce D. Martin in honor of Duquesne University Circle

Emory University                                                 

Robert B. Townes in honor of Calder Sinclair’s work on behalf of ODK

Ferris State University                                          

Kevin P. Przewrocki in honor of Anne Marie Seske

Georgetown College                                             

Jennifer L. Fairchild in honor of Dr. Stephen Bisese

Hamline University                                              

Carol Y. Anderson in honor of Linda Hanson, President of Hamiline University

Hastings College                                                   

Anne B. Fairbanks in honor of Sarah Wolf

Jacksonville University                                         

John A. Luciano in honor of Dr. Kay Johnson

Kent State University                                           

Ronald S. Beer in honor of Dr. Ronald Roskens

Kathryn C. Matsey In honor of G. Dennis Cooke

Louisiana College                                                 

Ann M. McAllister in honor of Terry Martin

Marietta College                                                   

Mabry M. O’Donnell in honor of Dr. William Hohman

Maryville University                                             

John D. Morgan in honor of Dr. Kenneth Ruscio

John D. Morgan in honor of Dr. Stephen D. Bisese

Miami University (Ohio)                                      

Frank H. Batsche in honor of Priscilla Batsche Ungers

Mississippi State University                                   

Jack C. Hoover in honor of Nestor K. Delgado, Jr.

Mississippi State University                                   

L. Qualls in honor of Dr. Harvey S. Lewis

Oklahoma State University                                   

Newt L. Hardgrave in honor of Bridget Hardgrave Starr

Purdue University                                                

Jonathan W. Ebbeler in honor of the birth of my daughter

Rollins College                                                     

Kathleen J. Reich in honor of Dr. Lorrie Kyle

Samford University                                              

Michael Giles in honor of Bobby Stanton

Mary K. Steel in honor of Dr. Betsy Holloway

Sewanee (The University of the South)                  

Steven M. Blount in honor of Dr. Harry Yeatman

SUNY Plattsburgh                                                

Gregory L. Riley in honor of Cheryl Hogle and William Laundry

Texas Tech University                                          

Idris R. Traylor in honor of Tracy and Jesse Lyons

The College of Idaho                                            

Wallace G. Lonergan in honor of the ODK Circle at the College of Idaho

University of Akron                                             

Brian E. Breittholz in honor of Diane and Tom Vukovich

University of Akron                                             

Spencer Marston in honor of Dr. Thomas Vukovich

University of Alabama                                          

Ronald S. Wallace in honor of Mildred M. Hollis

University of Alabama at Birmingham                  

Sally W. Johnson in honor of Susan Johnson Lawrence

University of Iowa                                                

Sherri A. Long in honor of Anna and Brian Long

University of Kansas                                            

George A. Duncan in honor of Drs. Jess and Davis Gardner and Dr. John Morgan

William K. Jenson in honor of James L. Jenson, M.D.

University of Kentucky                                        

Walter F. Maguire in honor of John Herbst

University of Louisville                                        

Tara S. Singer in honor of Bobby Stanton

University of Maryland, College Park                   

John C. Ford in honor of David Nelson

Marilyn W. Smith in honor of Shayna Smith and Elana S. Fine

Nancy P. Solomon in honor of Rachel J. Solomon

University of Memphis                                         

Gregory R. Singleton in honor of ODK Headquarters Staff

Melinda B. Sopher In honor of efforts to charter an ODK Chapter at NC State

University of Miami (Florida)                               

Arthur H. Hertz in honor of Donna Shalala

Paul K. Jahr in honor of Mitchell “Drew” Jahr

University of Mississippi                                       

Harvey S. Lewis in honor of Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Qualls

Donald A. Phillips in honor of Dr. Jeanette C. Phillips

University of Missouri-Kansas City                       

John R. Parker in honor of Matthew Duffy

University of New Orleans                                   

Mark C. Romig in honor of Michael Fitts

University of Richmond                                       

Denise M. Johnston in honor of Dr. Steve Bisese

Benjamin B. Ussery in honor of Robert W. Ukrop

Clifford L. Yee in honor of Betsy Bugg Holloway

Clifford L. Yee in honor of Steve Bisese

University of South Carolina-Columbia                

Ernest R. Bull in honor of Dr. William Weston

Michelle R. Burke in honor of National Headquarters Staff

William Weston in honor of E. Rex Bull, Jr.

University of South Florida                                  

Todd V. Scofield in honor of Rev. Charles Scofield

University of Texas at San Antonio                      

Jose-Ricardo Pena in honor of Paul Tiudel

University of Virginia                                          

Julie B. Schexnayder in honor of Lisa Lynn Schexnayder

Vanderbilt University                                           

C. Isaacs in honor of Susan Clay Callaway

Charles W. Stockell in honor of ODK Circle at Vanderbilt University

Virginia Military Institute                                    

George W. Foresman in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Foresman and Mr. William J. McTague

Washington and Lee University                           

Charles D. Ausley in honor of Loranne Ausley

Leslie A. Cotter in honor of Professor John M. Evans

Francis L. Summers in honor of Brandon Taylor

W. Whitehurst in honor of Dr. William Jenks

William Peace University                                      

William Peace University Circle in honor of I. Ellen Bradley


IN MEMORY OF:                               

Auburn University                                               

James A. Gibson in memory of Dean James E. Foy

Lee B. Griffith in memory of Dean James Foy

Daniel C. Holsenbeck in memory of Katharine Cater

James H. Tucker in memory of Dean James E. Foy

Austin Peay State University                                 

David P. Roe in memory of Pamela A. Roe

Birmingham-Southern College                             

C. Daniel in memory of Cullen Coleman Daniel

Bowling Green State University                           

Carol A. Heckman in memory of Ramona Cormier

Dean L. Shappell in memory of Dr. Joseph C. Buford

Case Western Reserve University                          

Herbert I. Medoff in memory of Rhonda Lee Medoff

College of William and Mary                                

Christian H. Moe in memory of Hugh Haynie

Colorado State University                                    

Howard M. Dutton in memory of Barbara A. Dutton

Delta State University                                           

Vagn K. Hansen in memory of William F. LaForge

Dickinson College                                                

Charles M. Reighart in memory of Robert Reighart

Drury University                                                  

William S. Hall in memory of William S. Hall

Duke University                                                   

Eugene G. Wilson in memory of Lilia P. Wilson

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University                 

John A. Tringali in memory of Don Ronald

Florida State University                                        

Laird B. Anderson in memory of Laird B. Anderson

James W. Carr in memory of Dr. James F. Carr, Jr.

Annelise Leysieffer in memory of Dr. Frederick W. Leysieffer

Georgia State University                                       

Kenneth P. Davis in memory of Dr. Henry Thompson Malone

Grove City College                                               

Louise S. Baird in memory of Alexander Slavcoff, M.D.

William L. Cope in memory of Phyllis Ann Cope

Hampden-Sydney College                                     

James H. Smith in memory of John Brinkley

Hillsdale College                                                   

Roger G. Bisschop in memory of Robert H. Van Steelant

Wendell J. Shiffler in memory of John Catenhusen

Jacksonville University                                         

Loren E. Caison in memory of L. Eli  Caison

John A. Luciano in memory of Peter J. Luciano

Kent State University                                           

Sarah E. Shumate in memory of Minerva Shumate

Louisiana State University                                    

Lloyd D. McClatchey in memory of Dr. Richard Berry

Maryville University                                             

John D. Morgan in memory of Maurice Clay

Miami University (Ohio)                                      

Jonathan J. Brant in memory of Bill Zerman

North Carolina Wesleyan College                         

William G. Sasser in memory of Dr. Allen Johnson

Ohio University                                                   

Charles U. Spore in memory of Pamela Spore McQuitty

Ohio Wesleyan University                                    

Joseph P. Costabile in memory of Douglas and Doris Constabile

Jack Hahn in memory of Prof. Paul T. Hahn

Pennsylvania State University                               

Janet Atwood in memory of Dr. Joab Thomas

Purdue University                                                

Donald N. Heirman in memory of Lois M. Heirman

St. Lawrence University                                        

John W. Dietz in memory of Andrew P. Royster, M.D.

Texas Tech University                                          

Idris R. Traylor in memory of Dr. Karlem Riess

Tulane University                                                

Peter Beer in memory of Albert Mintz

Craig H. Cavalier in memory of John Karlem Riess

University of Baltimore                                        

Chimaobi Nwaokomah in memory of Elder F. C. Nwaokomah

University of Florida                                            

Jack W. Bettman in memory of Thelma Schneider

University of Houston-Clear Lake                        

Astrid H. Lowery in memory of Dr. Russell Gardner

University of Iowa                                                

Sherri A. Long in memory of Edith and Lawrence Jensen

University of Kentucky                                        

Rayma K. Beal in memory of Maurice Clay

George A. Duncan in memory of Maurice Clay

Walter F. Maguire in memory of Dean Jack B. Hall

Walter F. Maguire in memory of Wymberly Royster

University of Louisville                                        

Joni K. Burke in memory of Rodney Williams

University of Maryland, Baltimore County          

Mary E. Peitersen in memory of Damian Lohmeyer

University of Maryland, College Park                   

David J. Diehl in memory of Jack Heise

Christopher J. Vadala in memory of P.E. Vadala

University of Mississippi                                       

Patrick E. McNarny in memory of Michael L. McNarny

James L. RobertsiIn memory of James N. Butler

Jon C. Turner in memory of H. E. Peery

University of Missouri-Columbia                          

Robert M. Clatanoff in memory of H. Donovan Rhynsburger

University of Pittsburgh                                       

Daniel L. Rosenthal in memory of Jack Farbstein

Daniel L. Rosenthal in memory of William and Leona Rosenthal

Laura A. Sproat in memory of Thomas Ablauf

University of Redlands                                         

Phillip L. Doolittle in memory of Robert L. Morlan, Ph.D.

University of Richmond                                       

Lewis T. Booker in memory of Lewis T. Booker

John G. Mizell in memory of Dr. Phillip R. Hart and Robert R. Martin

University of South Carolina-Columbia                

Jenny L. Edwards in memory of James B. Edwards, M.D.

George Mineff in memory of Col. Charles Savedge

University of South Dakota                                  

David W. Eiesland in memory of John Rolfe Eiesland

University of South Florida                                  

David W. Persky in memory of Phyllis Marshall

Todd V. Scofield in memory of Florence Ligman Scofield

Todd V. Scofield in memory of Jeanne Ligman Scofield

Todd V. Scofield in memory of M. Schlismann

University of Southern Mississippi                       

Howard M. Stroud in memory of William A. Stroud

University of Virginia                                          

Lizabeth K. Faust in memory of Byron Kopp

Virginia Military Institute                                    

George W. Foresman in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Foresman and William J. McTague

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 

Clifton O. Tiller in memory of Dean G. Burke Johnston

Washington and Lee University                           

David A. Ellington in memory of Robert Huntley

Frank L. Eppes in memory of Judge and Mrs. Frank Eppes

Donald S. Hillman in memory of Dr. Rubert N. Latture

William E. Latture in memory of The Honorable James C. Turk

Otis Mead in memory of Rupert Latture

Thomas P. O’Brien in memory of Harley B. Howcott

Isaac N. Smith in memory of John Kay

Francis L. Summers in memory of Rubert Latture

Marshall P. Washburn in memory of William C. Washburn

Washington College                                             

Ralph R. Thornton in memory of Edwin Allen Ohler

West Virginia Wesleyan College                           

P. Richter in memory of Patton L. Nickell


Non Members                                      

Emory University                                                 

June R. Bishop in memory of Dr. Linton H. Bishop, Jr.

Radford University                                              

James A. McKowen in memory of Laurie G. McKowen

Washington and Lee University                           

Elizabeth F. Bang in memory of J. Carl Fisher

Katherine Datz in honor of William C. “Burr” Datz