Maurice A. Clay Grants Application

Maurice A. Clay Leadership Develiopment Grant Application
If your circle has a designation, please enter it here. (e.g. Alpha Circle)

Clay Grants are designed to enhance leadership development on campus.
Programs are chosen by the Joint National Awards Committee (J-NAC) using three distinct characteristics:
(1) furthering circle engagement within the campus community
(2) enhancing current programming
(3) developing new initiatives to increase publicity.
A key part of the O∆K mission is to encourage collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and alumni to advance leadership. We encourage circles to collaborate with leaders across campus and the five phases.

Please address the three criteria in the fields below.

How will this program further engagement of the circle with the campus and community? How will the circle include the five phases in the planning and execution of the program?
How will this program enhance or supplement current programming on campus? Is this part of a larger campus-wide programming effort?
How will the circle use the funds to increase the awareness of ODK on your campus? Is this a new initiative? If not, what enhancements are being made to improve the program and its reach to the campus community?
Please describe how the funds will be used including the breakdown between the circle and any other organizations partnering with ODK.
Describe how the circle will evaluate the impact of the program. Please note that this evaluation should be used for the final report should the grant be approved.