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Perhaps you’ve recently been tapped for membership in your college or university’s Omicron Delta Kappa circle. Or maybe you’re considering submitting an application. Maybe you’re a parent and you’re wondering what makes Omicron Delta Kappa different than other honor societies that might extend an invitation to your son or daughter.

We invite you to learn more about OΔK, the country’s only national leadership honor society. Our qualifications for membership are stringent—only a very select group of collegians are invited to join each year. These high standards are reflected in the caliber of leadership programming, events and service projects local circles orchestrate on their college and university campuses.

But the benefits of membership are equally great. OΔK is a lifetime membership organization that offers leadership training and development to members in every phase of their lives and careers.

The national membership fee is $85.00.  Individual circles may charge an additional amount or local dues.

Don’t think there’s an OΔK circle at your college or university? Don’t be afraid to start your own. for our latest merchandise.