April 14, 2016: National Day of Service

To inspire service to our community, OΔK hosts a National Day of Service each year. In 2016, OΔK’s National Day of Service will be held Thursday, April 14.

There are three ways your Circle can get involved and give back:

  • Volunteer individually or as a group with an established nonprofit
  • Plan and execute a small-scale service project that members of your Circle can complete together
  • Plan and execute a campus-wide service project that is open to participants who are not members of OΔK

Learn more about ways your circle can support OΔK’s National Day of Service.

ODK's 2016 Bracket for the NCAA




Update:  April 5, 2016: Congratulations to Villanova University where the ODK circle was established in 1988!!

Update:  March 21, 2016:  Well, our bracket is clearly BUSTED.  Cincinnati and Pittsburgh went out early, very early!  In the meantime, members of ODK should be cheering for Kansas, Maryland, Miami, or Virginia - the only four remaining ODK institutions in the tournament.  The challenge is that Kansas plays Maryland.  According to ODK Bracketology, Maryland should win with its 1927 founding date. 

It is March Madness time again around the country and at the national headquarters of Omicron Delta Kappa.  An annual ritual at the train station is the development of the ODK bracket where the location of a circle matters as does the circle's founding date.

The "rules" for our annual competition are as follows:



  1. If a school has a circle (i.e., Florida Gulf Coast University) and another school does not (i.e., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill), the school with the circle "wins" in our bracket.
  2. If both schools have a circle, the school with the earlier founding date wins.
  3. If neither school has a circle, the higher seed progresses to the next round.
  4. The exception to this is that if there is a school that had a circle, but the charter has been revoked, the school with the circle progresses until it encounters a school with an active circle.

This year's Final Four, according to ODK bracketology, has Maryland (1927) playing Cincinnati (1931) in one semi-final and Pittsburgh (1916) playing Virginia (1925) in the other semi.  When Maryland plays Pitt in the final, Pitt should win with its 1916 founding date.

The first year that we did this was in 2013.  The winner of ODK Bracketology was Louisville, and they won the national championship that year too.  And besides, I got hired (typed the three-time degree recipient from the school).  Since the Cardinals aren't playing this year, I've become a huge fan of each of the circles in the ODK Final Four.  May one of them win!!!

Monday Musings: At Last, A Circle Comes Along

Last week, many members of Omicron Delta Kappa gathered in New Orleans while attending the 2015 annual meeting of NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education).  It was a great opportunity to get caught up with numerous faculty officers from around the country and to learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the current generation of college students.  More than 40 O∆K members gathered for our annual breakfast reception where National President, Dr. Michael Christakis, gave a brief "State of the Society" update.

During the course of the convention, Frank Krimowski, our leadership consultant, and I also held a number of meetings with individuals who are working to establish circles of Omicron Delta Kappa at their institutions.  We visited with colleagues representing colleges and universities coast (New York) to coast (Oregon).  Before the end of this academic year, we hope to install at least four more new circles.

One of the great things about visiting New Orleans is having the opportunity to enjoy the sites and sounds.  I will confess to partaking in the wonders of Bourbon Street one evening and enjoying dueling pianos and torch singers.  New Orleans music is a wonderful combination of jazz, blues and soul, and a song that I think perfectly embraces all of these genres is Etta James "At Last."

"At Last" could have been the theme song last Monday evening when our newest circle, Loyola University New Orleans, was installed.   National Vice President Michelle Burke was the installing officer.  Society Board of Directors Matt Clifford and Ben Williams also joined Frank and me at the chartering ceremony.


The Loyola University New Orleans Circle, our 295th active circle, took a while to develop.  Matt Hopper, our first O∆K Fellow, made a visit there several years ago as did other staff members.  Frank and Brent Anderson worked closely with Heather Seaman, faculty secretary, and Caitlin Dobson, faculty advisor, in preparing for the circle's chartering.  It was also great to have the support of Dr. Cissy Petty, the institution's vice president for student affairs and O∆K member, throughout the entire process.

At last, our circle has come along, and good things come to those who wait.  Congratulations to the founding members of the Loyola University New Orleans Circle and thank you for your perseverance.  This work has truly been an example of success achieved in a very worthy undertaking.