Standing Committees

One of the big ways that OΔK students, faculty and alumni can make a real difference to the Society is by serving on a standing committee. Committee members have the opportunity to make a real contribution and move the organization forward.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

This committee is charged with identifying processes and policies that support the recruitment, involvement, and engagement of a multicultural membership. The committee will evaluate the current benchmarks for diversity and inclusion found within Omicron Delta Kappa at all levels of the organization. The committee is also charged with supporting the extension efforts at HBCU institutions and with identifying practices that ensure that a diverse pool of candidates is cultivated for staff and volunteer positions to further O∆K’s development as an inclusive organization.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall develop and recommend to the Board those financial principles, plan and courses of action that provide for mission accomplishment and organizational financial well-being. Consistent with this responsibility, it shall review the proposed annual budget and submit it to the Board for its approval. In addition, the committee shall make recommendations with regard to the level and terms of indebtedness, cash management, risk management, financial monitoring and reports, employee benefit plans, signatory authority for expenditures and other policies that the committee determines are advisable for effective financial management of the Society.

Joint Audit Committee

The Joint Audit Committee of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society, Inc. and the Omicron Delta Kappa Foundation, Inc. evaluates proposals for the annual audits of both organizations and the combined financial statement.  The Committee also reviews the audit in draft and presents to each board.

Membership and Circle Standards Committee

The Membership Committee and  Circle Standards Committee is charged to think strategically about matters related to extension to new campuses, the health and vitality of existing circles, and the experiences and services provided to members. Furthermore, the Committee will maintain the standard of membership throughout the Society and review all applications from institutions for the establishment of a circle on their campus under the provisions of the National Constitution and National Bylaws.

National Awards Committee

Oversees the Society’s awards programs, which include the:

Research and Curriculum Development Sub-committee of the National Advisory Council

Advances leadership education by:

  • Reviewing proposals from individuals who wish to survey and/or interview OΔK members in order to expand scholarly knowledge about leadership
  • Identifies programming at the campus level that enhances the development of leadership skills
  • Working closely with OΔK staff to identify leadership education content for distribution across OΔK’s communications channels

Scholarship Review and Selection Committee

The committee reviews the applications for those individuals who wish to be considered for an OΔK Foundation scholarship.