Long Range Plan

To ensure that Omicron Delta Kappa continues to support the campus leaders of today so that they can become the community leaders of tomorrow, in June 2014, the Society adopted a 10-year long range plan, “OΔK 2024: Leading for Our Second Century.”

The plan outlines ten strategic priorities for the Society:

Our work was guided by a long range planning commission:

OΔK National President Michael Christakis (chair)
Russell Chambliss (vice chair)
Darwin Jones
Michelle Burke
David Chambliss
Melvinia King
Parker Vascik

The commission was staffed by our executive director, Tara Singer.

The commission’s charge was to:

Identify key strategic priorities which will guide the Society and Foundation’s work for the next decade. These priorities will contribute to OΔK’s continued growth as the Society enters its second century. Once strategic priorities have been identified, the commission shall attribute specific goals to attain these priorities and measurable outcomes to these goals.

The original plan was updated and restructured during the 2015-16 academic year by the Society Board of Directors with input from the Foundation Board of Trustees, National Advisory Council, Student Advisory Board, Diversity and Inclusion Work Group, and the Membership/Circle Standards, Strategic Communications, Research and Curriculum Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Governance, and Finance committees.

To track progress, a series of data points is being assembled to reflect progress and areas in need of attention in relation to the priorities and initiatives of the long range plan.  The data through the end of FY 2015 is located in the document below.