Advance leadership education

Provide opportunities for members to enhance their leadership skills and conduct leadership research.

Initiative 2.1
Provide opportunities for leadership education to our members.

2.1.1    Create a leadership curriculum that brings value to all members.

2.1.2    Develop a webinar or online educational series.

2.1.3    Create certificate program for current student members.

2.1.4    Deliver current leadership resources to members through an online leadership hub.

2.1.5    Explore partnership opportunities with individuals (i.e., faculty and professional affiliates, thought leaders, etc.) and organizations (International Leadership Association, the American College Personnel Association, etc.) to advance leadership education for O∆K members and officers.

Initiative 2.2
Provide opportunities for research in leadership.

2.2.1    Produce a research journal focused on student leadership programs and education.

2.2.2    Create opportunities for sponsored research.