Recruit and retain great volunteers and staff

Recruit and retain great volunteers and staff to support OΔK at all levels of the organization.

Initiative 6.1
Recruit and retain great volunteers and staff.

6.1.1    Evaluate headquarters staffing to determine future requirements in order to increase fund-raising effectiveness and provide greater circle support.

6.1.2    Review the Society Board of Directors’ nominations and elections process to ensure greater understanding of procedures, requirements, and expectations.

6.1.3    Evaluate the need for expanding the number of volunteer opportunities within O∆K including the potential for developing a formal Alumni Ambassadors program as well as a Young Alumni Council and a Circle of Councilors that would be comprised of distinguished members to serve in a broad advisory role.

6.1.4    Evaluate the committee structure of O∆K (Foundation and Society) to determine whether the standing committees appropriately meet the needs of the organization. Determine if committees need to be added or eliminated as appropriate.

Initiative 6.2
Develop and implement performance management best practices.

6.2.1    Develop formal system for professional development, goal setting, and performance appraisal for all employees.

6.2.2    Develop a formal board development program for the Society Board of Directors including an evaluation of relationships between committee assignments, the National Advisory Council, and the Society Board of Directors; term limits; and officer succession planning.