Strengthen and leverage existing programs

Strengthen and leverage existing programs of promise and distinction.

Initiative 4.1
Improve existing programs of promise and distinction.

4.1.1    Review existing O∆K programs, both old and new, and identify the strengths of the programs, aspects of the programs that need improvement, and the role which the programs play in the greater value of O∆K membership.

4.1.2    Identify key areas O∆K should serve its membership, divide current programs into these categories, and identify which areas are sufficiently fulfilled by current programs or which areas need further development.

4.1.3    Conduct a review of the history of the O∆K national convention, the benefit it brings to the society and its members, and the cost the national society incurs as a result. Explore the methods other national honorary and fraternal organizations use to effectively hold national conventions or understand alternative programming they offer. Develop a detailed recommendation for the future of the O∆K national convention to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

4.1.4    Evaluate the O∆K National Day of Service program and develop long-range strategy to ensure effectiveness of this initiative.

4.1.5    Increase the impact of drive-in workshops offered in odd-numbered years and evaluate programmatic effectiveness.

Initiative 4.2
Develop new programs of promise and distinction.

4.2.1    Explore the potential partnership with a prominent community service organization to support through circle activities and in conjunction with national conventions and drive-in workshops.

Initiative 4.3
Develop internal and external awareness around existing and emerging programs of promise and distinction.

4.3.1    Develop strategies to better inform new O∆K members and faculty officers of the multiple programs and opportunities of membership. Create goals for increased national utilization of these programs and develop a means to measure success.