Circle Recognition


The Society bylaws provide for the establishment of awards to “reward the local circles for their adherence to national standards and for initiating activities that promote the O∆K Idea on campus as well as to recognize circles who sustain excellence over time.”

Each year the Membership and Circle Standards Committee reviews and approves awards.  In June 2017, the Society Board of Directors, upon the recommendation or the Membership and Circle Standards Committee approved revisions to the Circle Recognition Awards and approved two new awards.

2017-18 Circle Recognition Awards

Basic Expectations

To be eligible for any award, a circle must have:

  • Completed annual report by May 30;
  • Submitted annual affiliation fee;
  • Provided membership processing documents (certificate order and membership fees) to headquarters at least 14 calendar days prior to initiation; and
  • Completed the initiation of members related to that certificate order.


Circle of Distinction

In addition to the basic expectations, this award honors circles that have completed at least three of the following:

  • Selected and submitted the nomination for a Circle Leader of the Year
  • Sponsored a circle driven signature event on campus
  • Participated in the National Day of Service (or an equivalent service project)
  • Applied for the Maurice A. Clay Leadership Initiative Grant
  • Submitted a nomination for a national award (Hogle, Roark, etc.)

Superior Circle

This award honors circles that have done the following:

  • Fulfilled all the requirements to be recognized as a Circle of Distinction;
  • Sent delegates to the Biennial National Convention and Leadership Conference during an even-numbered year or sent delegates to a Drive-In Workshop during an odd-numbered year; and,
  • Qualified for one of the supplementary recognitions (Membership Growth and Stability or Circle Stewardship)

Presidential Award of Excellence

This award honors circles that have:

  • Circle of Distinction for five consecutive years; or,
  • Superior Circle for three consecutive years; or,
  • Been recognized with some combination of both (Circle of Distinction or Superior Circle) every year for five consecutive years.


To encourage the ongoing health of our circles, O∆K annually will recognize circles in the following two categories:

Membership Growth and Stability

This recognition acknowledges circles that have accomplished one of the following:

  • Consistent membership growth over the past two biennia
  • Maintained ideal circle size as identified and reported by the circle

Circle Stewardship Award

This recognition acknowledges circles that have fulfilled at least two of the following:

  • Raised funds to benefit a local community organization
  • Raised funds to benefit the local circle
  • Raised funds to benefit the O∆K Foundation

The 2017-18 Circle Stewardship Award application is due August 3, 2018, and can be found here.

Deadline to meet all criteria is June 1 each year.  
Please note if the only initiation for a circle is after June 1, the committee will consider this during the award review process.