Branding and Editorial Guidelines

With almost 300 circles dotting the country, it’s more important than ever for Omicron Delta Kappa to speak with one, unified voice. To help us all communicate the ΟΔΚ Idea effectively, we’ve developed some branding and editorial guidelines to help. PR and marketing chairs, as well as faculty secretaries and advisers, should be familiar with these guidelines.

Colors, Logos and Typography

Have you ever been working on a document and wondered how to get the ΟΔΚ blue just right? Or maybe you’re choosing fonts for a document and want them to match what you see on our national communications materials. To keep things consistent, we’ve provided some design-related guidelines for you, as well as all of our logos, which are available for download.

Editorial Style Guide

Many large organizations issue editorial style guides to help its members understand some of the basic rules they follow when writing about the organization. ΟΔΚ is no different. For instance, did you know you should always write our Greek letters ΟΔΚ and not ODK? Whether you’re a student who’s new to ΟΔΚ, a faculty officer who’s been advising ΟΔΚ for decades, or an alumnus sitting on one of our advisory committees, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with our editorial style guide.


We encourage all of our circles to complete their written correspondence using our branded stationary. To make life easier, we offer letterhead and thank you notes for download.