Circle Templates

Welcome to the Circle Templates page.  This page is a resource for circles looking for ideas, forms, and templates.  These templates have been used by other circles or similar organizations and are free for your circle to download and edit to your purposes.

If your circle has a template you would like to share, send it via attachment to [email protected]  We may have to make some edits so it can be used nationally but we are happy to share what works for your circle.

If you have any questions about these templates, contact the national headquarters at [email protected] or call us at 540-458-5336.

Circle Bylaws

Circle Bylaws Template (2018)


Sample ODK Application Guidelines
Sample ODK Faculty Nomination Request
Sample ODK Invitation Letter-Email
ODK Selection Letter-Email Template


Sample Tapping Ceremony
ODK Sample Tapping Cards
Sample ODK Tapping Card – Faculty
Sample ODK Tapping Card – Student

Initiation Ceremony Planning

Initiation Handbook 2018 (Word)
Sample ODK Initiation Ceremony Planning
Sample ODK Initiation Ceremony Program
Sample ODK Initiation Ceremony Program v2
Sample ODK Initiation Ceremony Program v3

Program Planning

(under revision)