Laurel Crowned Circle Award

The Laurel Crowned Circle Award is considered to be the highest individual honor awarded by Omicron Delta Kappa and is given by a vote of the Board of Directors. Recipients demonstrate the highest ideals of the Society.

Nominations are due to the Board of Directors by Feb. 1 of each year. The 2018 Laurel Crowned Circle Award recipient is Dr. Susan R. Komives, an initiate of the Denison University Circle and a noted leadership researcher and educator as well as a long-time higher education professional.

To nominate an individual that you feel is worthy of this honor, please send your nomination to Executive Director Tara Singer at [email protected]

Past Recipients of the Laurel Crowned Circle Award


Susan Komives (2018)
Denison University Circle
Leadership Scholar and Educator

Raymond M. Burse (2016)
Centre College Circle
Past President of Kentucky State University

William R. Johnston (2014)
Washington and Lee University
Businessman, Philanthropist, and Educator

Col. Ralph Hauenstein (2012)
Grand Valley State University
Philanthropist and Business Leader

Cokie Roberts (2011)
University of Akron
Radio Personality and Television Anchor

Cheryl M. Hogle (2010)
SUNY Plattsburgh
First woman to serve as OΔK National President

S. Truett Cathy (2009)
Georgia State University
Founder of Chick-Fil-A Restaurants

Robert Jepson (2008)
University of Richmond
Founder of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Dr. Michael Lomax (2006)
Dillard University
President, United Negro College Fund

James MacGregor Burns (2004)
University of Maryland – College Park
Award-winning Author

Sara “Sally” Jones Hill (2003)
Auburn University
O∆K Foundation Trustee

Frank G. Dickey (2002)
University of Kentucky
Past President of O∆K
Past President of the University of Kentucky

Joab L. Thomas (2001)
University of Alabama
President Emeritus of Pennsylvania State University

Glenn Hilburn (2000)
Centenary College
Past President of O∆K

Eldridge Roark (1998)
Samford University
Past President of O∆K

Karlem Riess (1998)
Tulane University
Past President of O∆K
Tulane Faculty Secretary for 50 years
General Council member for 16 years

Richard Thornburgh (1996)
University of Pittsburgh
Attorney at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart
Former United States Attorney General

Charles Longstreet Weltner (1992)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State Supreme Court Justice

Gen. Russell E. Dougherty, USAF (Ret) (1992)
University of Louisville
Attorney at McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe

Frank Anthony Rose (1991)
University of Kentucky
Past President at Transylvania University
Past President of the University of Alabama

Rupert N. Latture (1990)
Washington and Lee University
Founding Member of O∆K

Maurice A. Clay (1988)
University of Kentucky
National O∆K Executive Director

Robert W. Bishop (1986)
University of Cincinnati (Charter Member)
Past President of the Association of College Honor Societies
Past President of O∆K

Elvis J. Stahr, Jr. (1984)
University of Kentucky
President Emeritus of the National Audubon Society
President Emeritus of Indiana University

Edgar Finley Shannon, Jr. (1980)
Washington and Lee University