National Leader of the Year Award Application

General Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before you begin your application. You will be required to provide specific information and upload documents before you can complete the application. If you do not have these documents prepared, you may not be able to complete the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

There are six (6) sections.

Section 1 – Personal Information: Campus and permanent contact information are required.

Section 2 – Institutional Information: Information about undergraduate and graduate/professional programs (if appropriate). If not currently enrolled in a higher education institution, the applicant is required to provide details about plans to enroll in graduate/professional school.

Section 3 – ODK Information:  Applicants are asked to provide information about the circle of initiation (also known as the circle of affiliation), any leadership positions held, and any volunteering that they may have done with their circle. Preference is given to applicants who are active in their circle. This includes members who may not have held a formal leadership position but have served the circle in many ways.

Section 4 – Written Statements:  Follow the directions for the written statements carefully. Applicants are required to submit two (2) written statements through this form (500-word maximum). PDF or other documents will not be accepted for written statements. It is recommended that applicants write statements in a text editing program and copy the proofed/edited text into the text box when ready to submit. Pay close attention to format instructions.

Section 5 – Recommendations: Recommendation letters should be submitted separately by the recommenders directly to ODK. Applicants must provide them with the link to the recommendation form. Applicants are also required to provide ODK with the name, institution/organization, and email address of your recommenders so that we may track their submissions. Use only the link below.

Section 6 – Documents:  An unofficial transcript and resume are required in .pdf form. The applicant’s attached resume should focus on campus, volunteer, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership skills.

All required information must be complete. Any incomplete information may result in the application not being considered by the committee.

If all the documentation and essays are prepared in advance, this application should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and submit.

Application hints: This is considered a professional level application. Your submission will be judged on style, grammar, syntax, and quality of writing. Please make sure you review your essays to ensure they are of the highest quality.

When the applicant has all the documentation required, prepared written statements, the recommender information, and is ready to complete the application, select NEXT.

If any part of the required documentation or information is missing or not complete, EXIT the form now.

Section 1: Personal Information

Personal Information
Last, First Middle.
All address fields must be complete to continue.

Section 2: Undergraduate

Please select the item which best describes your current educational status.  You will be required to complete all the information necessary for each level that pertains to that status.

Undergraduate Information
List all for which you will receive a separate degree.
(if applicable)
Example: 3.5/4.0 (Minimum required GPA is 3.25/4.0)
List approximate date if actual date is not confirmed.

Section 2: Graduate/Professional

Graduate/Professional Information
This section only needs to be completed if you are currently enrolled in graduate/professional studies.  Select NEXT at the bottom of the page to skip.
Ex: 3.75/4.0
List approximate date if actual date is not confirmed.

Section 3: ODK Involvement

NOTE: An O∆K National Leader of the Year applicant who has assumed a leadership role within the circle receives additional consideration for circle leadership.

Section 4: Written Statements

Provide two written statements as described below. The audience for the statements will be the members of the

O∆K Foundation Scholarship Committee and/or the O∆K National Awards Committee. These members include faculty and staff representing a number of universities, people working in many sorts of businesses, philanthropists, volunteers, and O∆K headquarters staff.

1. Provide a personal statement explaining your academic interests, your personal story, and your career aspirations. Please describe how this award will assist you in these interests and aspirations. You may use the personal statement you have written for graduate school applications, or a portion of it to stay within the word limit. (500-word limit)
2. Describe the most significant ways you have been active in your circle, on campus, and if you are in graduate school now, in your profession. Concentrate on those activities which most describe important leadership roles or events. Please link your activities and leadership positions to the five phases of campus life recognized by ODK: scholarship; athletics; campus or community service, social and religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech, and mass media; creative and performing arts. Provide some detail about each activity, including the dates you were involved, the time commitment, whether the activity is ongoing or one-time, and the impact you had. (500-word limit) NOTE: The applicant's attached resume should focus on campus, volunteer, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership skills.

Section 5: Recommendations

Recommendations for the National Leader of the Year awards will be submitted directly by the recommender to ODK. You are required to provide the name, institution, and email of your recommenders so we may track their submissions. You must provide your recommenders with the link below so they can submit their recommendations. This link will be provided in the automatic reply and in an email you will receive once we verify your submission is complete.

Letter of Recommendation link

Section 6: Document Upload

An unofficial transcript and resume are required in pdf form. The applicant’s attached resume should focus on campus, volunteer, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership skills.

All documents should be in pdf format.  Please ensure that all pages are legible and sequentially numbered.  Documents should be named in the following format:


Example:  Public.J.Resume

By selecting yes, I agree that I am a senior graduating before July 1, 2018, and that I request that my application for National Leader of the Year be submitted for an O∆K Foundation Scholarship. For information on O∆K Foundation Scholarships, go to