Adelphi University

About the Circle

The ODK Adelphi Circle became a reality May 17, 2002. We currently hold one formal induction per year in December where we average approximately 16-20 inductees. In May we have a senior send-off, emerging leader and installation of officer ceremony. Emerging leaders are nominated by the current members and are typically freshman and sophomore students who are proving to be “leaders among leaders” and possible rising ODK members.


This years circle participated in the National Day of Service on April 9th and was also tied into the University’s Relay for Life event. They had a fundraiser that benefited Relay for Life. “You Got Served” – Each person who donated nominated a circle member to do a random act of kindness for student, staff, or faculty member.

In addition, the circle led a Leadership Conference for students by students that proved to be very successful. The conference was lead by current ODK members, staff and alumni. Topics included Involvement with a Purpose, Leading Humans, Chapter & Membership Development, Transitioning University Leadership, Community is Key, No More Bake Sales, Networking for Success, Transformational Leadership, Tell It! Stories as a Tool.

The circle also co-sponsored with the Future Teachers Association a fundraiser “Apple for Your Professor!” that benefited the Preston-Hancock Experience.

Honors and Awards

2017 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2016 Circle of Distinction

2015 Superior Circle

2014 Circle of Distinction

2013 Circle of Distinction



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