Circle Reports

Annual Report

The Annual Report is required for all circles to be in good standing [Bylaws, Article II, Sec. 1].  This is a great place to share the exciting things that have happened on your campus over the past year, as well as to provide feedback to OΔK’s Society Board of Directors.

The 2018 Annual Report form is closed.  The Annual Report form for FY2019 will be available February 1, 2019.  Annual reports are due June 30, 2019

Update Leadership

It is vital for the staff in OΔK’s National Headquarters to have up-to-date contact information on the individuals who hold leadership positions within your circle.  After each election cycle or appointment of a new advisor, you should complete this form so that the National Headquarters has current contact information for your student president, circle coordinator, and faculty advisor.

Program Report

Program Reports are a great way to inform the National Headquarters of events and programs produced or attended by your circle.  Did your circle host a special event for Founders’ Day? Submit a Program Report. Did your circle conduct a service project for the OΔK National Day of Service? Submit a Program Report.  Was your circle recognized by your university or a community agency?  Submit a Program Report.  You do not have to wait for the Annual Report to tell us good things about your circle.  Submit a ProgramReportt today!

Circle Webpage Update

Each OΔK circle has a web presence on Your circle may decide to use this webpage as its only web presence or you may choose to link to another website you host independently. You may update your web presence at any time, and we encourage you to look at it at least once a year when you transition officers.  Review your circle website by clicking here.You can expect your webpage to be updated within 48 business hours of submitting this form. If you have any questions about your circle’s webpage, please contact our director of communications and programs.