Extension Process

1. Gather initial group of students who meet the OΔK membership criteria, as well as faculty, staff, and administrators, to serve as members of the chartering class.

2. Select a faculty advisor, circle coordinator, and student president and complete on-campus student organization recognition process, if appropriate for your institution.

3. Submit Initial Application for Circle Charter.

* Once the application is submitted, the institution may be located on the official circle map.

4. Schedule official site visit.

* Site visit should include faculty and staff involvement meeting, student interest workshop, and overview of membership selection process.

5. Submit Petition for Charter.

* One-time $1,500 institutional chartering fee will be invoiced to the circle upon submission of the Petition for Charter.  Payment must be made prior to installation ceremony and covers site visit and installation travel to campus, charter, bronze key, and record book.

6. Coordinate installation ceremony and have all members complete the online membership application.

* Official site visits and installation ceremonies are coordinated through your OΔK Extension Team staff member. Prior to the ceremony, this petitioning group must submit membership information and induction fees. The $88 fee per person provides lifetime membership.  If your college or university already has an organization with a mission similar to OΔK, that group can serve as your organizing team.

Chief Extension Officer:

Brent J. Anderson
Director of Finance and Extension
[email protected]
(540) 458-5341