Student Advisory Board

Andrew Brown : National Student Vice President

Andrew Brown

National Student Vice President



Andrew Brown is a 2012 initiate of the Grand Valley State University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa. During his time there, he was able to serve as circle president for two years after taking a fifth-year before graduating. Andrew previously served ODK as a member of the first Student Advisory Board, the Membership Committee, and the Society Board of Directors as a student member-at-large.  He is currently the National Student Vice President and Chair of the Student Advisory Board.

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in 2014 with a double major in psychology and philosophy. As an undergraduate, he worked as a peer educator, leading outreach programs and conducting surveys to raise awareness of mental health issues on campus and promote the University Counseling Center. He also worked as a lead writing consultant in the Writing Center, collaborating with students to improve their skills as writers, while also mentoring other consultants and leading professional development workshops. He also completed a one-year internship as a leadership and service intern, where he worked with Office of Student Life staff to plan, provide, and improve leadership and community service programs. Additionally, Andrew presented more than 15 conference sessions, professional development workshops, and outreach programs at local, state, regional, and national conferences.

Currently, Andrew is a full-time graduate student in the counseling psychology doctoral program at Purdue University. As a recipient of the Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship, he works as a teaching and research assistant, teaching two different classes and collaborating on several research projects related to grief and loss. His personal research focuses on understanding the college student experience of romantic breakup, and how guided writing interventions can be used to reduce the risk of negative outcomes like increased risk of depression or decreased academic performance. Additionally, Andrew is a member of the Counseling and Development Graduate Student Organization, is the vice president of the Graduate Organization for Educational Studies, and is the Purdue representative on the Student Committee of the Indiana Psychological Association. In the spring of 2016, he worked with Foundation Board of Trustees member Terry Kungel to re-charter the Century Circle at Purdue. He serves the Century Circle in an advisory role, giving guidance to the students of the Executive Board as well as the faculty advisor and circle coordinator. Before graduating from his program, Andrew hopes to choose between a potential career in academia as a professor, working as a licensed counselor, or becoming involved in using psychological research to influence and lobby public policy.

Meredith Amelotti : Member, Student  Advisory Board

Meredith Amelotti

Member, Student Advisory Board



The first time Meredith Amelotti heard of Omicron Delta Kappa was at an event on Fontbonne University’s campus during the first week of classes of her freshman year. As a freshman, she immediately recognized how respected O∆K was on campus. Everyone she spoke to only had great things to say, but the one common statement that was repeated each time was that as a first-year student, she should be already committed to striving to be inducted into this national leadership honor society in her junior year. She quickly added being inducted into the Fontbonne University Circle as one of the top goals she wanted to achieve before she graduated.

As Meredith’s leadership involvement increased on campus, she found herself searching for a leadership role that would challenge her as a leader and as an individual. By the end of her sophomore year, Meredith had earned enough credits to be at junior status resulting in her being eligible to be tapped and inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa. At the same time she being was inducted, the treasurer position opened up on the executive team for her circle. Meredith jumped at the chance to be able to serve on the executive team of a society that was well-respected and held high expectations for their future and current members.

As Meredith continued her involvement in O∆K, her fellow executive team members and Meredith had the opportunity to present at the 2018 Biennial National Convention and Leadership Conference. This opportunity was one of many that O∆K has presented to Meredith to step out of her comfort zone and strengthen herself as leader on campus. During the 2018-19 academic year, she be serving on the executive team as the circle’s vice president.

Meredith is a senior at Fontbonne majoring in special and elementary education. Since second grade, she has had the dream of becoming a teacher to teach children – our future community leaders. Currently, she works as a before and after-care teacher at a program called Kid Zone in the Clayton, Missouri, school district. Once a week, Meredith leads the Future Leaders club for fourth and fifth grade students who are interested in participating. Within those weekly meetings, the participants discuss what characteristics leaders possess and assign responsibilities to the students to help the teachers with the daily routine in Kid Zone. The students take on the roles of leader and become role models for the other students. Meredith also recently received her certification to be a substitute teacher.

Outside of O∆K service opportunities, Meredith volunteers at Marian Middle School where she tutors students and helps in other areas of the school whenever needed. She is also active with a local soup kitchen and her faith community.

Melissa Cancio : Member, National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board

Melissa Cancio

Member, National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board



According to Melissa Cancio, Omicron Delta Kappa is not like any other honor society at Florida International University (FIU), as cliché as that sounds. Throughout her first two years at FIU, she participated in several extra-curricular activities, began to expand her network, and aimed to grow professionally with a constant strive for giving back to her community. During her senior year, she was president of her circle and made it a goal to be involved at the national level. As part of the Programming Committee for the 50th Biennial National Convention and Leadership Conference, Melissa was given the opportunity to do just that. She has been appointed to the 2018-20 National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board.

Currently, Melissa is working at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios and anticipates completing her undergraduate degree in December 2018. She started out as pre-med track student but proudly took a 180-dgree turn and will be receiving a Bachelor of Science with a major in public relations, advertising, and applied communication, including a minor in business communication.

As one of two public relations interns at the Adrienne Arts Center for the Performing Arts this past spring, Melissa was able to experience first-hand what a difference the arts make in people’s lives. She and her colleagues were able to incorporate the love for the arts and giving back to multiple red-carpet events, including the annual Flamenco Festival and the yearly gala. According to Melissa, seeing the faces of adults and children alike, enjoying these few hours, made all the event planning and the countless hours much more worthwhile.

Between her education, internships, and jobs, and with the support of her family, Melissa has been able to accomplish a lot. She has been active in sorority life, participated in FIU’s Panther Camp as a facilitator and peer mentors, and enjoyed alternative spring break. She served as the director of FIU’s very successful Roarthon (dance marathon) in 2017. She continues to be active in community service and loves the rewarding feeling of volunteering and helping those in need.

Jonathan Ciecka : Member, National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board

Jonathan Ciecka

Member, National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board



Jonathan Ciecka was initiated into the Middle Tennessee State University MTSU) Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa in 2016. Since then he has served as MTSU’s delegate to the 2018 Biennial National Convention and Leadership Conference, and he is currently serving on the 2018-20 National Advisory Council and Student Advisory Board.

Jonathan works as the pastoral assistant at The Experience Community, a multi-campus church with a weekly attendance of more than 3,500 individuals. At MTSU, he is finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in with a major in aerospace and with a professional pilot concentration. He currently has more than 200 flight hours between seven types of aircraft including a T-6 Texan, a WWII training aircraft.

Previously, Jonathan worked as a flight instructor at the MTSU flight school, hospitality coordinator at The Experience, and films chair and projectionist at MTSU Student Programming. He has also volunteered with Student Programming in various other roles; the Commemorative Air Force as a ramp agent, maintenance apprentice, and administrative assistant; and Midwest Food Bank as a general volunteer.

Currently, Jonathan is focusing his volunteer efforts at The Experience, serving as a hospitality team lead and small group leader. At MTSU, he is serving his second term as a student senator and Internal Affairs Committee member in MTSU’s Student Government Association.

Jacob Veitch : Member, Student  Advisory Board

Jacob Veitch

Member, Student Advisory Board



An initiate of the University of Maryland, College Park’s Sigma Circle, Jacob Veitch graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science with a major in international business and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in government and politics. He served as the Sigma Circle's co-director of events from January 2017 to May 2017 before serving as circle president from May 2017 to May 2018.

Currently, Jacob serves as a business technology analyst in Deloitte Consulting's Global Public Sector practice. In this role, he provides thoughtful analysis of federal programming and constructive solutions to address some of our country's greatest national security challenges. Jacob accepted this role after previously interning at Deloitte, the Department of State, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Congress.

During his time at the University of Maryland, Jacob served in a variety of leadership roles, including chairman of the Maryland Federation of College Republicans, president of the University of Maryland College Republicans, legislator in the Student Government Association, a member of the Community Committee of the Robert H. Smith School of Business' Dean's Student Advisory Council, and co-chair of the Robert H. Smith School of Business' Honors Program. Upon graduating, Jacob was recognized as the recipient of the University of Maryland's prestigious H.C. Byrd Citizenship Prize for Men.

Outside of his daily work responsibilities, Jacob currently serves as a volunteer member of the American Conservation Coalition's policy team. In this role, he generates written reports regarding our global climate challenge, American energy independence, and the need for a renewed focus on conservation. Jacob is proud to be part of a team that is changing the climate narrative in the conservative community. In addition to this role, Jacob also plans to leverage his role at Deloitte to complete pro-bono consulting projects in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

This dedication to service was also crucial to Jacob's college career, where he participated in numerous charitable efforts. Most notably, Jacob served as a volunteer campus tour guide, and later as the group tour coordinator for Maryland Images: Campus Tour Guides. In this role, he oversaw the logistics for more than 80,000 campus visitors each year, ensuring that every future Terp felt welcome at Maryland. Jacob continues this dedication to service today as a volunteer member of Omicron Delta Kappa's National Student Advisory Board and Finance Committee.

Jenna Walmer : Member, Student Advisory Board

Jenna Walmer

Member, Student Advisory Board



Jenna Walmer was initiated into the Bridgewater College Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa during her junior year. She is currently serving as co-president of the circle with the goal of improving the circle’s involvement and recognition on campus. She served as a delegate at the 2018 Biennial National Convention and Leadership Conference and is currently serving on the 2018-20 Student Advisory Board and O∆K Society’s Finance Committee.

At Bridgewater, Jenna is currently finishing her undergraduate degree in global studies with a concentration in German studies. After studying abroad in Marburg, Germany, and Oxford, United Kingdom, researching sexual violence during genocide and learning about social psychological processes of mass violence, she plans to pursue graduate work in peace studies and psychology leading to a career in research and education in genocide and Holocaust studies. During her tenure at Bridgewater, Jenna has focused her extracurricular activities in areas and organizations related social change. She is a part of the planning committee for educational resources on diversity and inclusion on campus.

Jenna also cherishes the work she does with Speak Up!, the sexual violence peer educator group that leads first-year students and athletic student workshops in bystander intervention and healthy relationships. Since Jenna has been at Bridgewater, she has pushed the Institute for Creative Peacebuilding to develop a peace studies major and has been crucial to the planning process.

Currently, Jenna volunteers with Habitat for Humanity through her campus chapter. She participates in local builds in Harrisonburg and the Collegiate Spring Break challenge. She is a student ambassador who provides weekly tours to prospective students. Jenna is a member of Bridgewater’s varsity women’s swim team and actively volunteers with swim badges for Boy Scouts of America, Special Olympics, and swim lessons for age-group swimmers. Her hope is to add a service project related to cleaning up Cocoa Beach on her team’s training trip to Orlando this January.

Jenna previously volunteered on the Interdistrict Youth Cabinet. This body plans a regional youth conference for the Church of the Brethren which is held at Bridgewater College each spring. This group also developed retreat themes and messages to volunteer as speakers at senior high district retreats. In the spring 2018 as part of a class project, Jenna volunteered as a History Unfolded researcher for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She used the school’s microfilm machine to find Holocaust-related events in the Harrisonburg Daily News. Jenna analyzed newspapers from 1942 through 1945 and published eight-related articles. This past summer, she interned with the Borgen Project on the content team, publishing 11 articles and raising more than $1,200 for the project.