Petition for Charter

I.E. Research I, Public
I.E. Bachelor\'s, Master\'s, Doctor of Philosophy
Full and part-time

This form includes the key elements in submitting your official petition. More information about writing an effective petition may be found here (

(We, the students and faculty members of (name of college or university), respectfully petition the Omicron Delta Kappa Society Board of Directors for the chartering of a Circle at this institution. We are fully acquainted with the requirements, outlined in the Society Bylaws, and truly believe that each of us is eligible for membership).
(We are petitioning for installation because...)
Please list the name, email, and classification (junior, senior, graduate student, or faculty/staff) of the individuals who are petitioning for a charter. This is not the list of members who will be inducted. This is the group organizing the petition for charter.
(We have identified our Circle Coordinator as: Name and Position)
(We have identified our Faculty Advisor as: Name and Position)
(We have identified our Student President as: Name, Class Year, Major)
(We have identified our additional student officers as: Name, Position, Class Year, Major)

For more information on completing the bylaws section of this petition, visit this site:

The relationship between Omicron Delta Kappa and the institution is paramount.  As such, Omicron Delta Kappa requires at least two letters of administrative endorsement: first, a letter from the division or department that will provide direct support and advisement of the Circle, and second, a letter from a senior executive officer of the institution. These letters of endorsement should state the institutional support for the local Omicron Delta Kappa circle and the commitment of the institution to assist the circle as it seeks eligible members of the highest academic standing, moral character, and leadership potential.

Please submit these materials to Brent Anderson (, Director of Finance and Extension, or attach below.