Roles and Responsibilities

Student President

As student president, your responsibilities include:

  • Establish a regular circle meeting schedule as well as officer meetings
  • Work with circle coordinator and faculty advisor to set the circle’s calendar for the year ensuring that membership selection, reporting, and initiation happen in a timely manner
  • Encourage, support and motivate circle members
  • Update college or university administrators on the circle’s activities
  • Become familiar with national bylaws as well as the circle’s bylaws and policies
  • Host an orientation for new members, explaining OΔK’s history and purpose and their obligations as members
  • Preside over induction ceremony
  • Determine appropriate programming for the campus
  • Ensure circle is represented at national convention and regional drive-in workshops
  • Encourage members to remain in contact with OΔK after graduation

Circle Coordinator

Circle coordinators should be current faculty or staff members at the college or university. They should already be a member of OΔK or be willing to initiate upon accepting the role. To maintain continuity, most people will serve in this role for at least two or three one-year terms.

The circle coordinator will:

  • Maintain files including circle minutes, membership records, and other documents
  • Prepare and submit the circle’s annual report
  • Ensure that all new members meet the Society’s high standards, submitting certified membership forms on each new member to OΔK National Headquarters 14 days in advance of the circle’s induction ceremony;
  • Pay the circle’s affiliation fee of $100 to OΔK National Headquarters by December 3rd each year; and
  • Submit campus news for publication in the Society’s magazine, The Circle
  • Encourage the circle to include alumni members in circle events as appropriate

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Attend as many meetings as possible
  • Facilitate the circle’s programs, such as service projects, leadership seminars, and campus activities
  • Complete the responsibilities of the circle coordinator in his or her absence
  • Solicit input from the campus community when selecting new members
  • Assist the circle president in tapping new members, orientation, and officer transitions
  • Facilitate communication between faculty and student circle members
  • Is a resource on OΔK’s national policies and procedures
  • Helps the circle find funding sources on campus
  • Ensure that OΔK is appropriately registered as a student organization on campus
  • Enhance awareness of OΔK on campus