Roles and Responsibilities


The circle must have two advisors are at all times: a circle coordinator and a faculty advisor.
(O∆K Bylaws, Article IX, Sections 1 & 2)

The circle may also have a circle assistant who works closely with the official advisors in managing the circle.

Circle Coordinator

• Responsible for the collection and submission of national lifetime membership fees from new members
• Maintain a file containing regular circle meeting minutes, a list of current and past members with their addresses and classifications, and all other records of the circle
• Submit the membership certificate order form, via, no less than 14 calendar days in advance of each initiation ceremony
• Report the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of circle officers, by submitting an officer update form
• Ensure payment of the annual $100.00 circle affiliation fee (institutional dues)
• Submit the annual report online to the national headquarters by June 30
• Send news items to the national headquarters for possible promotion through O∆K’s communications outlets

Faculty Advisor

• Assist student officers in the arrangement of public tapping ceremonies including the coordination of local campus publicity and public relations with the community at large
• Assist in a thorough orientation for new members by providing information and support and ensuring that all pertinent information is communicated
• Make sure that your circle is current with its registration as a student organization with your student activities or dean of students’ office

Circle Assistant

The Circle Assistant is a new title for a position that has been active for many years on campuses. The circle assistant is an individual who may or may not be officially part of the circle but is usually employed by the faculty advisor or circle coordinator in another capacity – many times as an administrative assistant. The circle assistant can be given authority to submit certificate orders, pay invoices, request forms, and act on behalf of the other circle advisors in administrative tasks.

Although officially an informal position, O∆K now lists this position in MMS and the membership database to maintain more accurate records.


The circle must have a student president and student vice president at all times. A student treasurer is optional if one of the circle advisors is managing the circle funds.
(O∆K Bylaws, Article IX, Sections 1 & 2)

As student officers of your circle, your responsibilities include:
• Establish a regular circle meeting schedule as well as officer meetings
• Work with circle coordinator and faculty advisor to set the circle’s calendar for the year ensuring that membership selection, reporting, and initiation happen in a timely manner
• Facilitate goal setting
• Lead, support, and motivate circle
• Update your institution’s administrators on the circle’s activities
• Be familiar with national bylaws as well as the circle’s bylaws and policies
• Work with circle coordinator and faculty advisor to meet minimum circle standards
• Host an orientation for new members, explaining O∆K’s history and purpose and their obligations as members
• Preside over the initiation ceremony
• Help maintain circle documents
• Determine appropriate programming for the campus
• Make sure circle is represented at national O∆K events
• Encourage members to remain in contact with O∆K after graduation

As a student officer, you have a number of resources to guarantee that your officer term is successful. You should:
• Meet with your circle’s outgoing president
• Attend national O∆K events
• Talk with your circle’s advisors regularly
• Meet with other incoming officers
• Contact the national headquarters if you have questions
• Crowdsource among your circle’s members
• Reach out to other campus organizations for support with programming