Update Leadership

It is vital for the staff in OΔK’s National Headquarters to have up-to-date contact information on the individuals who hold leadership positions within your circle.

After each election cycle, you should complete this form so that the National Headquarters has current contact information for your student president, circle coordinator, and faculty advisor.

Please complete the form below completely. In order to ensure that the officer information matches current information in our membership database, we ask that you supply ODK with all current information including mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

Please tell us the officer role for which you are reporting a transition:
Are you currently an initiated member of ODK? All officers for ODK Circles must be initiated members.
If yes, please list the Circle and Year of Initiation. If no, enter N/A.
We would like to ensure that our database information about circle advisors' current employment is correct. Please list your current job title so we can verify. Student officers enter N/A in this field.
Please provide a personal or office mailing address. This is not the CIRCLE mailing address. See next field.

If the circle mailing address and/or circle email has changed OR if you are not sure if we have the correct ones, please complete the fields below.

Only complete this field if there is a generic email used by the circle. For example: "[email protected]"
If the Circle Mailing address has changed, please provide the new address here.
reCAPTCHA is required.