Update Your Circle’s Webpage

Each OΔK circle has a web presence on odk.org. Your circle may decide to use this webpage as its only web presence or you may choose to link to another website you host independently. You may update your odk.org web presence at any time, and we encourage you to look at it at least once a year when you transition officers.

You can expect your webpage to be updated within 48 business hours of submitting this form. If you have any questions about your circle’s webpage, please contact our director of communications and programs.

Share one to two paragraphs. Topics to cover might include: current statistics and demographics, history, overview of becoming a member, tapping and initiation timeline, meeting dates and times, expectations, etc.
An overview of your circle's signature programs, fundraisers, etc.
Please note if your circle has received recognition, either from your college or university, your community or Omicron Delta Kappa\'s National Headquarters.
Logos should be able to be cropped square. Logos on white backgrounds look best. Send your image in as high-resolution a format as possible. Final size will be 98px x 98px.
Campus photos should be able to be cropped into a long rectangle. Vertical shots will not work well. Send your image in as high-resolution a format as possible. Final sized image will appear at 1140px x 450px.
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