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About the Circle

The purpose of ODK at Denison University is to acknowledge and celebrate leadership, connect student leaders, and to facilitate leadership-based dialogue amongst student organizations. Each of these goals come together in creating a meaningful way for students to unite in their mission to make a positive impact on campus. ODK at Denison connects leaders in the community who have similar passions in order to spread awareness about campus issues to the rest of the student body. We seek to honor all leaders’ hard work by sponsoring events during the year that encourage dialogue and thoughtful reflection.



On campus, we are currently exploring a number of opportunities to encourage thoughtful, devoted leadership. For instance, we held a leadership dinner, sponsored by President Weinberg and CLIC, that fostered the building of relationships between and among various leaders on campus. We also hosted a leadership coffee gathering with an even larger group of student leaders. This event will provide further opportunities for leaders to connect and imagine future collaborations with one another. Some general interests among the group also cluster around questions concerning what it means to be a leader. For instance, in what ways may over-involvement detract from the quality of students’ leadership? In what ways can leaders develop and expand upon their unique strengths to make significant impacts on the ways they devote their time? How do leaders empower others to also take part in leadership opportunities?

Honors and Awards

2015 Circle of Distinction

2016 Circle of Distinction


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