Grove City College


About the Circle

The Grove City College ODK Circle is composed of talented and excelling upperclassmen who have been recognized for their impressive campus involvement and service, corresponding with the 5 Pillars of ODK. New members are inducted every semester after the current Circle votes on candidates and then “taps” the accepted students in a class or at a campus event. The Grove City College ODK Circle has a respected reputation on campus and to become a member is recognized as one of the College’s highest honors.


The Grove City College ODK Circle’s signature event every year is Faculty Follies. During this event, faculty members sing, dance, and act in a variety of performances meant to entertain the students and build campus community. Faculty Follies is one of the most well attended events every year, and it requires ODK members to prepare alongside professors weeks in advance. Our ODK circle also does community service events and recognizes members and students for their achievements in a variety of ways.

Honors and Awards

2017 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2016 Presidential Circle of Excellence

2015 Superior Circle

2014 Circle of Distinction

2013 Circle of Distinction

2012 Circle of Distinction



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