Increase alumni member opportunties

Develop opportunities for further alumni member involvement and engagement strategy to enhance connections after graduation.

Initiative 9.1
Develop strategies for post-graduate member engagement.

9.1.1    Increase post-graduate member engagement (including donor cultivation and stewardship) at the local and regional levels by including alumni in circle activities and events hosted by the circles, National Society, or Foundation.

9.1.2    Optimize organizational design for post-graduate member engagement.

9.1.3    Optimize communications processes for post-graduate member engagement.

9.1.4    Develop regional programming directed at post-graduate members.

Initiative 9.2
Establish and present a clear alumni value proposition for ODK membership.

9.2.1    Identify and develop added benefits to post-graduate members beyond collegiate circle and alumni activities (Gallup products, professional networking opportunities, etc.).

9.2.2    Identify, track, and communicate created value for post-collegiate membership.