Going to Convention!

14 May

I’ve been involved with our Morningside College Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa since back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Well, perhaps not quite that far back, but since our circle was chartered in 1983.  In the early years, one of our staff members became involved nationally and took a group of us to a convention in St. Louis.  Other than that, however, for most of us, the national headquarters of O∆K was simply a place that supplied certificates and pins.

For me, that changed in 2010 when one student and I attended the national convention in Houston.  Since then we have sent groups of students to every single biennial convention, in Charlotte, Lexington (Virginia), Grand Rapids, and now Nashville.  Why do we make that investment and commitment?  For one thing, it is fun meeting people, and it usually provides an opportunity to spend a night on the town in interesting places.  It is also inspiring, with keynote speakers dynamic enough to even “change your life.”  Most importantly, though, conventions help us jump start our circle every two years, filling us with ideas from other circles, helping us solve whatever problems we have been facing, and forming a network of relationships, even friendships, that make a difference in our lives both personally and professionally.  After every convention, our members return to campus with new energy, and our circle has flourished as a result.

I’m excited by the news that beginning in 2020, O∆K will begin offering annual conventions.  For now, though, my excitement is centered on Nashville, our 50th biennial national convention, Celebrating Leadership in Music City. I really believe this could be the best one yet!

Bruce Forbes
Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa
O∆K National Vice President





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