Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

The Omicron Delta Kappa Society and Educational Foundation, Inc.
Board of Trustees
Roles and Responsibilities for Non-Elected/Non-Appointed Officer Trustees

One of the primary missions of The Omicron Delta Kappa Society and Educational Foundation, Inc. will be to develop a philanthropic community that supports the leadership programs and capabilities of O∆K and its members. In furtherance of this mission, the organization will accept gifts; manage the investment of endowments; and ensure that contributions are used consistent with donor intent. In doing so, the Society and Educational Foundation will strive to promote, nurture, and expand the culture of support for Omicron Delta Kappa.

The O∆K Society and Educational Foundation Board of Trustees will seek individuals who are committed to support the organization’s work with their time, talent, and treasure. The expectations for non-elected/non-appointed officer trustees are detailed below so that those who authorize their names to be considered for nomination may do so with a clear understanding of the commitments they will be making to Omicron Delta Kappa.


The board will meet four times a year, twice in person and two times electronically. Meetings are scheduled a year in advance. Each trustee will serve on one of the four core committees which normally meet four times per year. Preparation for and participation in board and committee meetings will typically require the equivalent of three to four days depending on travel time. Additional duties such as cultivation and solicitation visits, orientation, and mentoring may take an additional one to two days.


All trustees must have the financial and governance acuity to meet their fiduciary responsibilities as board members. In addition, the board’s work requires leadership skills in development, finance, and trusteeship, and each trustee will serve on a committee aligned with her or his skills and passion.


Each trustee will make a minimum annual gift of $5,000. In addition, each trustee will make a major gift ($25,000 or more) during her or his time on the board and/or make a provision for the organization in her or his estate plans. In addition, each trustee is expected to cover all expenses related to travel to attend board meetings.

Members of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society and Educational Foundation Board of Trustees will serve a term of three years and may be re-elected for a second consecutive term. Individuals are not eligible for election to an additional term until one year after their second term expires. Upon election to the Board of Trustees, new board members will be provided a formal orientation.