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2013 Foundation Scholars Announced

O∆K is pleased to announce that the OΔK Foundation Scholarship Committee has completed its selection of the 2013 scholarship recipients.  With a competitive pool of applicants, the task of selecting only twenty students to receive scholarships is always a challenge.

As you can see, there are several specialty-endowed scholarships that are given each year, which are named below. This is the fifth year that we have awarded the John D. Morgan Scholarship to the top overall applicant, Daniela Delgado of the University of Miami. This scholarship is given in the amount of $1500. The other twenty scholarships awarded are $1000 each. The twenty Foundation Scholarship recipients are listed alphabetically below:

Carly Elizabeth Braun                         Hamline University

Grace Marie Chong                            Florida State University          

Marc Aaron Delaney                           St. Lawrence University                      

*Chelgren Family Scholar

Daniela Delgado                                  University of Miami                           

*John D. Morgan Scholar

Natalie Draisin                                    Johns Hopkins University

Ronak Dilip Ghiya                              Wright State University

Daniel Reuven Granot                        University of Maryland College Park

Alexandria Ree Hadd                          Oglethorpe University

Madaline Harris Hargrove                   University of Alabama                         

*Blount Scholar

Whitney Alberta Head-Burgess           Southern Oregon University

Lauren Elizabeth Lake                        University of Baltimore

Joseph Roger Landry                           Washington and Lee University        

Angela Elizabeth Lesnak                     Hamline University                            

Elaina Marie Smart                              Wright State University                     

*Vukovich Scholar

Sarah Dorothy Swatski                       University of Maryland Baltimore County

Alecia Trebus                                       Maryville University

Lauryne Michelle Vanderhoof            Ferris State University

Leland Thomas Waite                         Middle Tennessee State University     

*Karleem Reiss Scholar

Emily Catherine Wavering                 St. Mary's College of Maryland

Renee Caroline Wild                          University of Central Florida




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