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OΔK became a reality at SUNY Plattsburgh on May 2, 1981, with a chartering ceremony that culminated three years of planning and work by students, faculty and administrators who were committed to bringing the OΔK to this campus. Today, Plattsburgh is one of just thirteen institutions of higher education in the State of New York to have been granted a charter by the society and the first within the State University of New York to be so honored. Since 1981 over 2,000 exceptional men and women have been inducted into the Plattsburgh OΔK circle in recognition of their excellent scholarship and conspicuous leadership and service. Among these members are 36 outstanding local, state, national and international leaders who have been inducted into the circle as Honoris Causa members.

The Circle celebrates a strong history of excellence for from local to national level. Including having several members of the Circle serve as national officers they included Dr. Eldridge W. Roark, Jr. (former National President 1990-1994), Cheryl Hogle (former National President 1998-2002) and Michael Cashman (Former Student Vice President and later member of National Board of Directors 2004-2010).


9/11 Campus Memorial Ceremony (September): Omicron Delta Kappa has been asked to coordinate the annual ceremony of remembrance. Our Circle President serves as the Emcee. The Student Association President is a speaker along with a invited Faculty member. The ceremony also features music by one of the performance groups and a ROTC color guard.

Family Weekend (September): Presidents’ Welcome Reception hosted by ODK Circle President and campus President Dr. Ettling. Family Weekend is predominately orientated towards freshmen and families. This is great activity to get out in front of parents. The event is held in one of our art galleries.

Informational Sessions (October/February): The Executive Board of the hosts a program that introduces ODK to freshmen and sophomore students. It covers the model leaders in application process, benefits/opportunities, history and local programs.

Eggs over Issues Series (October/March): The Circle launched a new program that brings together faculty, staff and students from all five phases of the society. Members who participant enjoy a catered breakfast, a chance to network and stimulating conversation on a topic selected by the Executive Board. The event aims to create an atmosphere of positive interaction where there is a mutual benefit between the student body and faculty/members.

Alumni Breakfast and Induction (October): During Homecoming the Circle host a breakfast for our alumni members. We also feature a special induction that selects a handful of Alumni tapped for membership.

Induction Ceremony (December/May): We hold to induction ceremonies. In the fall our featured speaker is the recipient of the ODK Dr. Eldridge W. Roark, Jr. Award for Faculty/Professional Staff Leadership. The spring speaker is our Circle Leader of the Year. As it is tradition the ceremony is always followed by a reception at President John Ettling”s home.

Character in Leadership Institute (February): The Circle has been sponsoring this program since 1995 and is proud to have close to 1,000 alumni of the day long program. Students are selected by their respective schools because they demonstrate strong leadership potential and have been invited to participate in the program to develop important skills as community leaders. The Character in Leadership Institute combines large and small group activities and discussions on the Six Pillars of Character as described by the Josephson Institute. We hope that participants will use this opportunity to grow as leaders, meet new people in the region and experience a taste of college life.

Skunk Day (March): The Circle conducts this fundraiser to raise money for Circle activities. Members sign-up in two member teams and compete to see who can raise the most money in their one-hour time slot. Members raise money by carrying a stuffed skunk in a cage to a faculty/staff member office, that person then must donate money to send the skunk to someone else or face a day at the office with a stuffed skunk in her/his office. This program generates $500-$700 annually.

Student Recognition Awards Ceremony (April): The Circle co-hosts the Annual Student Recognition Awards Ceremony with the Project HELP. The ceremony recognizes the countless hours and dedication of student leaders and volunteers on the campus. This program features the most prominent awards of year including the Presidents Cup, Mayors Service Award, Vice President for Student Affairs Special Service Award, and Cheryl Hogle ODK Sophomore Leader of the Year Award.

Honors and Awards

2017 Circle of Distinction

2016 Circle of Distinction

2015 Superior Circle

2014 Superior Circle

2013 Superior Circle

2012 Presidential Circle of Excellence

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