Heading to Grand Rapids, Reflecting on Our Work

14 Jun

My how time flies when you’re having fun! Since becoming National President, I’ve communicated through this blog . Through these messages, I’ve shared exciting new developments for O∆K – the appointment of a new Executive Director, a historic centennial celebration, and record growth in new members. I’ve also reported on fundraising for the O∆K Foundation, growth in new circles, a completely revamped website, improvements in our magazine (The Circle) and email communications strategies, and our first-ever regional drive-in meetings.

And that’s only a partial list!

Since 2012, we’ve also taken on serious challenges – raised the membership fee for new members for the first time since 2008, thoughtfully revised the Society’s initiation ritual, and proactively addressed critically important issues surrounding diversity and inclusion among our members and on our campuses.

And we’ve planned for the future.

By adopting a comprehensive long-range plan, O∆K is well positioned to achieve amazing things in the years ahead. By focusing on our members – while on campus but equally as important after they graduate – O∆K will continue to play a critical role in honoring and developing leadership for a lifetime.

As I write this, we are preparing to welcome members and friends to Grand Rapids, Mich. for this summer’s Biennial Convention and Leadership Conference. The convention’s organizers have assembled an impressive program of speakers, interesting workshop sessions, and leadership development opportunities for attendees.

At our convention, I’ll report on our Society’s progress since our last biennial meeting including 16,872 new members, 20 new circles, $511,784 fundraising dollars (including more than $121,000 from circle-specific campaigns), and the development of new online leadership and career resources: the O∆K Leadership Matters website and the O∆K Career Center.

I’ve been fortunate to serve alongside some of the most talented and committed national volunteers on the Society Board of Directors, the National Advisory Council, and the Foundation Board of Trustees. Thanks to their leadership and that of Executive Director Tara Singer and the national headquarters staff, O∆K is an organization on the move.

Thank you for your support during these past four years. It’s been among my greatest honors to serve Omicron Delta Kappa as National President. I remain committed to serving O∆K in whatever way I can for years to come.

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