Career Resources

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O∆K Careers is an online careers platform with three component areas: career center, internships, and mentoring.  Collegiate members and recent graduates have access to all three areas of the platform as a member benefit.  These individuals receive their log-in information with their new member email.  All other O∆K members have access to the internships and mentoring platforms.

Resources for the Job Seeker

Helpful tips and advice about the job search may be found on this page.  Members are encouraged to review this information before embarking on the next steps in their career or leadership journey.

Career Center

The O∆K Career Center brings alumni employers together with collegiate and other alumni who are seeking that first job or maybe career advancement.  The Career Center is networked not only with O∆K alumni employers but also with hundreds of other job opportunities as well. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Internship Center

Are you looking for that ideal internship to build experience? Maybe you are seeking an intern with leadership experience upon which you can be assured? The Internship Center helps match employers with interns. Like the O∆K Career Center, the internship board is connected with internship opportunities beyond the O∆K brand, expanding your ability to make a great connection.  If you are searching for an intern, post opportunities with your organization here.

Mentoring Center

Omicron Delta Kappa members understand the power of mentoring. As part of the ODK Careers Platform, we have a dedicated site to matching alumni members who are willing to dedicate their time and experience to collegiate members and recent graduates who are seeking a mentor to guide them in their career. Like any “matching site,” the O∆K Mentoring Center offers a confidential way for mentors and mentees to meet and develop those crucial professional relationships that benefit us all.  You can begin your journey as a mentor or mentee by clicking here.

As more and more alumni and collegiate members of Omicron Delta Kappa join the system, the greater the opportunities will be for everyone.  Since the platform is first launching with promotions to collegiate members, there will not be many mentors in the Mentoring Center.  Please have patience as individuals who are more established in their careers are recruited to serve as mentors.

O∆K is excited to offer these opportunities to our collegiate and other members.

O∆K Careers is hosted by YourMembership, a web-based career services platform.  For technical support with the platform, contact YourMembership directly at [email protected] or (860) 437-5700.  For general questions about ODK Careers, contact the National Headquarters at [email protected]