Resources for the Job Seeker

The ODK Career Center may be used to search for a position or to search for candidates.  There are fees for posting positions within the Career Center.  However, there are no fees to create a candidate profile as a job seeker.  One of the features of the Career Center is that individuals can post their information in an anonymous resume bank.

Tips about using ODK Careers

ODK Careers, like any web-based job search engine, is only effective if you put time and energy into the program.  When using ODK Careers, make sure to consider the following:

  • ODK Careers is designed to be a connection between ODK members on the job front.  Make sure your profile and your resume in ODK Careers highlights your leadership and ODK experience.  Many employers with an ODK background are looking for the ODK brand.
  • Update your profile often.  Each time you receive an award, degree, or addition to your resume through service or leadership, find a way to include it.  This is very important if that experience is directly related to field(s) in which you are applying.
  • Use the Resources Section of ODK Careers.  This section has tips on resume writing, preparing for interviews, and networking.  There are links to professional career search experts and information which are truly beneficial to your search.
  • You can limit your search to only ODK Careers postings or search all available.  We recommend you look as broadly as possible but start with ODK posted jobs.  By starting with ODK, you know you will have a connection to the employer through ODK.  Use that connection to your advantage.

General advice about your job search

Advice about looking for that first or second job is in no short supply.  We reviewed a number of websites, articles, and blogs about the job search.  Two lists stand out (we do not promotionally endorse either) – one is a traditional, straight-forward list of good ideas.  The other points to more unconventional ways.  Both are good reads.

The best advice is to know yourself and your goals.  Many of lists encourage you to take self-assessments.  The career services office at your institution should be able to help you with those.  Be careful:  self-assessments need professional guidance and interpretation.  Just because the assessment reveals that you have a creative side doesn’t mean you are destined to be the next Michelangelo.