Additional Information – Proposed Governance Transition

The suggested legal name for the single entity is Omicron Delta Kappa Society and Educational Foundation, Inc. Members will still be initiated into Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society.  Additional information regarding the reasons for O∆K‘s proposed governance transition and links to related documents are below.

    • This model establishes a single governing board to comprehensively address fiduciary requirements for the entire organization (membership as well as fundraising).
    • Three collegiate members and three advisors (faculty advisors/circle coordinators) will continue to be included as members of the board. These three-year term positions will be elected by the circle delegates and circle advisors in a competitive process (there will be at least two candidates for each of these positions on the board). Elections will take place in conjunction with the national leadership conference which will be held on an annual basis beginning in 2020.  Information about the proposed composition of the single board may be found here.
    • By having only one legal entity, there will ultimately be approximately $25,000 in annual savings (single audit, one filing fee, one set of state charity registrations, separating convention from governance, etc.).
    • Research indicates that this more efficient model of governance will assist O∆K in recruiting trustees and donors with greater capacity to support the organization.  The roles and responsibilities for non-appointed officers/non-elected trustees may be found here.
    • This model places the authority of making governance decisions (changes in documents such as the constitution and bylaws) with the board rather than with the convention and its representation of the circles through the delegates. By not having to address such matters in plenary sessions at the national conference, there will be more time available for leadership development and circle programming.  The current Articles of Incorporation for the Omicron Delta Kappa Society and Omicron Delta Kappa Foundation are online.  The current National Constitution, Society Bylaws, and Foundation Bylaws are on the web.  The proposed revised Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (only bylaws are required by law; a constitution is not required) will be posted here once drafts are finalized.
    • The requirements related to membership and circle standards and other operational matters will be included the official O∆K Policies and Procedures Manual that will be vetted by the Mission Committee of the board and discussed annually with the participants during the national leadership conference. In addition to the governing committees of the board (Finance, Development, Governance/Trusteeship, Mission, Executive), there will be operational committees of the organization to address membership and circle standards, national awards, diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership development programming, volunteer engagement, and convention.