Distinguished Alumni

Some of the most distinguished men and women living and working in the United States share one thing in common–they’re members of Omicron Delta Kappa.


Valerie Ackerman
University of Virginia, 1979

Frank Beamer
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University, 1967

Terry Bowden
Auburn University, 1994

Paul “Bear” Bryant
University of Kentucky, 1949

Wilbur Hutsell
Auburn University, 1928

Archie Manning
University of Mississippi, 1970

Peyton Manning
University of Tennessee, 1997

Arnold Palmer
Wake Forest University, 1964

Gaylord Perry
Campbell University, 1978

James E. Perry
Campbell University, 1978

Homer Rice
Georgia Tech University, 1981

Adolph Rupp
University of Kentucky, 1937

Tubby Smith
University of Kentucky, 2001

Steve Spurrier
University of Florida, 1991

Pat Sullivan
Auburn University, 1971

Patricia S. Summitt
University of Tennessee, 1978


Herman Cain
University of Nebraska, Omaha, 1990

S. Truett Cathy
Georgia State University, 1982

Richard M. DeVos
Ferris State University, 1982

Robert S. Jepson, Jr.
University of Richmond, 1963

Fred Smith
Rhodes College, 1979

Hatton C. Smith
Washington and Lee University, 1994

S. Robson Walton
University of Arkansas, 1965


Warren Bennis
University of Southern California, 2003

Barry Chapman Bishop
University of Cincinnati, 1953

Ernest L. Boyer
Florida Southern College, 1991

James MacGregor Burns
University of Maryland, College Park, 1993

Joe Clark
SUNY Plattsburgh , 1997

Howard Gardner
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1998

Susan Komives
Denison University, 1978

Michael Lomax
Dillard University, 2000

James Loewen
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1997

Kenneth Ruscio
Washington and Lee University, 1975

John Thelin
University of Kentucky, 2000

Cornel West
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1998

Arts and Entertainment

Rockwell Blake
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1988

Bennett Cerf
Florida Southern College, 1967

Tom Chapin
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1992

Pat Conroy
Auburn University at Montgomery, 1997

Sheryl Crow
University of Missouri-Columbia, 1983

Jean-Michael Cousteau
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1996

James Dickey
University of South Carolina, 1970

Susan Faludi
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1996

Bob Hope
Tulane University, 1964

Betty Mahmoody
Ferris State University, 1992

Tom Wolfe
Washington and Lee University, 1999

Government and Public Policy

George W. Ball
American University, 1964

Haley Barbour
University of Mississippi, 1972

Birch E. Bayh
Purdue University, 1965

Griffin Bell
Mercer University, 2007

Steve Beshear
University of Kentucky, 1965

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
University of Delaware, 1981

Michael Bloomberg
Johns Hopkins University, 1964

George H. W. Bush
Harding University, 1997

Jimmy Carter
Georgia State University, 1972

Lauro Cavazos
Texas Tech University, 1981

Elaine Chao
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1996

Shirley Chisholm
SUNY Plattsburgh 1990

Raymond Chretien
SUNY Plattsburgh 1996

Winston S. Churchill, III
Florida Southern College, 1990

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Alfred University, 2000

Joycelyn Elders
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1996

Gordon R. England
University of Maryland, College Park, 1961

Gerald R. Ford
Florida Southern College, 1984

James R. Fulbright
Virginia Tech, 1965

Tim Kaine
University of Missouri, 1978

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Tulane University, 1964

Christopher Kraft
Virginia Tech University, 1965

Madeleine M. Kunin
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1989

Li Lu
East Tennessee State University, 1992

George McGovern
American University, 1981

Walter Mondale
University of South Carolina, 1981

Naomi E. Morris
Campbell University, 1983

F. Story Musgrave
University of Kentucky, 1984

Richard M. Nixon
Duke University, 1951

Louis F. Powell
Washington and Lee University, 1928

Franklin D. Roosevelt
University of Maryland, College Park, 1940

Dean Rusk
Davidson College, 1930

Madame Jihan Sadat
University of South Carolina, 1985

Margaret Thatcher
Harding University, 1995

Dick Thornburgh
University of Pittsburgh, 1996

Stansfield Turner
University of Maryland, College Park, 1992

Wernher Von Braun
Grove City College, 1961

Sarah Weddington
SUNY Plattsburgh, 1995

Journalism and Mass Media

Ann Compton
University of Maryland, College Park, 2006

Walter Cronkite
Florida Southern College, 1979

Joe Johns
Marshall University, 1979

Roger Mudd
Washington and Lee University, 1966

Michael G. Riley
Wake Forest University, 1981

Cokie Roberts
University of Akron, 1995

Susan Rook
East Tennessee State University, 1994

George F. Will
Washington and Lee University, 1993


Michael Debakey
Baylor University, 1967

Joseph L. Goldstein
Washington and Lee University, 1961

Jonas E. Salk
University of Pittsburgh, 1954