Circle Leadership

Serving as an officer for your college or university’s OΔK circle—whether as a student, faculty member, or administrator—is a rewarding experience that helps you network, develop your leadership skills, and contribute to your community.

Most circles have an entire slate of student officers but, at the very least, there are five key people who work together to maintain the OΔK Idea within each circle.

See Roles and Responsibilities of the student president, circle vice-president, treasurer, circle coordinator, and faculty advisor.


Circle Sustainability

1. Identify two faculty or staff members to advise and assist the collegiate members of the circle (circle coordinator and faculty advisor).

2. Identify an additional two voting faculty/staff members.

(Article V, Section C of the Constitution: The voting membership of the Circles of the Society shall consist of 1. All Student members of the Circle, graduate, post-graduate professional and undergraduate, of the institution at which the Circle is located; 2. Not less than four Faculty members of the Society of that institution, who shall be elected by the Circle for staggered terms of four years each; and 3. Alumni members elected by the Circle whom the Student members have established voting rights, provided that the total number of voting Faculty and Alumni members shall not exceed forty percent of the voting membership of the Circle.)

3. Identify student leadership, specifically a circle president, vice-president, and treasurer

4. Coordinate upcoming induction and recruitment process.

5. Pay yearly the $100 affiliation fee by December 3 if your circle initiates in the fall term or by June 15 if your circle only initiates in the spring term.  The affiliation fee is the “institutional dues” that supports the operations, programs, and services of the Society.

6. Submit the annual report by May 30.

If you need assistance from the national headquarters, please complete this form or call us directly at 1-877-ODK-NHDQ (635-6437).